MediaCorp MEclub – It’s All About ME!

22 August 2012, Singapore – Are you a couch potato?  The new MediaCorp MEclub app on your iPhone lets you gain Star Points while viewing your favourite TV programs! With these Star Points, you can redeem complimentary concert tickets to artiste-autographed posters or even exclusive lunch dates with your favourite celebrities.


To Earn Star Points?

  • Quick Response (QR) Codes – Find these QR codes on MediaCorp TV programmes, newspaper, magazines, websites, bus stop advertisements and outdoor screens. Then, use the QR code scanner in the MEclub app to scan the QR code to earn Star Points
  • Passcodes – Listen out for passcodes on MediaCorp radio stations, TV programmes or print media, and key in the passcodes in the MEclub website or MEclub app to earn Star Points
  • Polls & Surveys – Take part in online surveys and polls on the MEclub website and MEclub mobile app to earn Star Points

Get your Star Points now. For more information on MEclub,  please visit


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