Pangaea Ultra Lounge Opens At Marina Bay Sands In September


August 2011, Singapore – It’s official now. Pangaea, the world famous ultra lounge founded by American nightclub impresario Michael Ault, will open its doors to the public on 22 September 2011 just in time for the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix.

Pangaea will be located at the Crystal Pavilion at the iconic Marina Bay Sands. Pangaea is touted as the world’s most famous, most exclusive and luxurious night spot and the Studio 54 of this age. Differentiating itself from a discotheque, this ultra-lounge is renowned for pioneering this concept in the 90’s.

The interior will be a super luxe affair, with specially designed fittings and furnishings made of visually eye-popping materials anus fabrics including genuine zebra, crocodile and ostrich skins, the most exotic woods and a Pangaea hallmark, Michael’s personal collection of museum-quality African tribal masks.

Pangaea will also be collaborating with an internationally renowned designer who is crafting special gowns for Pangaea’s group of immaculate hostesses, Pangaea Girls.

“This has been a two-year project in the making. There is no doubt that this will be the pinnacle of my professional efforts in my 30-plus year career. Special thanks are especially due to the enormous commitment from both Marina Bay Sands specifically, and Singapore in general. Where else, and under what circumstances could one contemplate building a club in Moshie Safdies’ incredible floating Crystal Pavilions, in what will no doubt be the most expensive and ambitious club ever conceived,” said Michael Ault.

The Pangaea group of ultra-lounges have become the playground if the rich and famous including Madonna, Sting, Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson, Val Kilmer, Lou Reed, Mick Jagger and John Travolta.



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