Katy Perry California Dreams Tour 2011

Travelogue: The Hotmail Katy Perry Experience – Departing Singapore

Winners of the Hotmail Katy Perry Experience from Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines
Winners of the Hotmail Katy Perry Experience from the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia (Left to Right)

4 May 2011, Singapore – Microsoft recently ran a Hotmail Katy Perry Experience contest in the region and lucky winners from Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia were picked to go watch Katy Perry – The California Dreams Tour 2011 on 5 May at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Australia.  Hotmail users had to explain within 20 words why they deserve to watch Katy Perry’s concert.

Set for an experience of a lifetime, we all met at Burger King inside Changi International Airport Terminal 1 after checking in.  After everyone exchanged pleasantries, where most of us were meeting for our first time, our two hosts from Microsoft Amy and Tamara shared with us the itinerary as well as what we were to expect from the two-day Brisbane escapade.

Hotmail Katy Perry Experience - Amy and Tamara
Our hosts from Microsoft – Amy and Tamara
Hotmail Katy Perry Experience - Briefing at Burger King at Changi Airport Terminal 1
Pre departure briefing at Changi Airport

We were all on our way as our Boeing 777-300ER flight Emirates EK 432 taxied for take off.    I wasn’t too excited that it was raining which usually meant that we were going to get a turbulent flight caused by the bad weather, which we did.   Fortunately the flight was not filled and the friendly lady at the check-in counter got me a middle row all to myself.  That meant that I could lie flat across 4 seats and get some shut-eye during the 7 hour 20 minute flight.  Armed with my Lenovo Ideapad U260, I was determined to do some work on the flight as well as to write my review for the spectacular opening show for Thriller Live from the night before.

Emirates EK 432 - Boeing 777-300ER at Changi International Airport 4 May 2011
Awaiting to board EK 432 for Brisbane

I got distracted and ended up watching 6 episodes of season 1 of Glee on ice, Emirates’ in-flight entertainment system.  It was a rather comprehensive selection of movies, television series as well as audio programmes to keep you entertained throughout the flight.

Emirates Boeing 777-300 ER Inflight Entertainment
ice – Emirate’s In-flight Entertainment

I was really looking forward to the meals they serve on board.   People close to me would know that I have a small appetite. However, when it comes to a full-service airline’s meal in Economy Class, I’ve been known to finish up everything on the tray, and if I could still squeeze in any more food, I would have requested for the other main course.  Yes, I am weird. I absolutely adore airline food!

Emirates EK 432 Economy Class Inflight Dinner

I had the Chinese style stir-fried perch on oyster sauce, accompanied with Chinese mixed vegetables and steamed rice for the main course which I really enjoyed.  The smoked chicken breast appertiser was extremely tender and the white chocolate mousse on a bed of dark chocolate sauce was my favourite.   The meal was topped with camembert and bun with 2 nice cups of hot tea.   However, getting additional servings of hot tea was non-existent due to turbulence and the crew must have forgotten about my request. In the end, I had to get my own water a few hours later when I got too dehydrated.

Took a nap after dinner and next thing I knew I was awakened for a sandwich supper after which we touched down in no time.   Clearing customs and immigration was pretty fast since the airport was not busy at 12.30 am when we arrived.   At the arrival hall, we were picked up by a friendly gentleman who sent us to the Novotel Brisbane Airport Hotel which was 5 minutes drive away.

Hotmail Katy Perry Experience
The Hotmail Katy Perry Experience Contingent at Brisbane International Airport
The Hotmail Katy Perry Experience Contingent at Brisbane International Airport

The Hotmail Katy Perry Experience continues on ……… (click here for more)

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