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29 February 2012, Singapore – With only one month to go before the debut of Savour 2012, this three-day gourmet extravaganza brings you more than a good spread of signature dishes by 15 award-winning chefs.  There are opportunities for you to enhance your culinary skills by attending free cooking master classes and workshops (first-come first-served only). With so many things happening in just three days, we have spared no details for Savour 2012, by laying out everything you have to know before the big day arrives.

If you book your tickets through SISTIC  before 10 March 2012, you also stand a chance to win a trip for 2 to Paris + dinner at 3 Michelin-star restaurant, L’Arpege (worth S$10,000).


Table of Contents

The Gourmet Village

The Gourmet Village will showcase over 50 dishes from 16 award-winning chefs and restaurants. Showcasing a stellar chef line up including Michelin-star recipients and some of the world’s top 100 restaurants, Savour 2012 will see the likes of Alain Passard (France), Alvin Leung (Hong Kong), Chan Kwok (Singapore), Enrique Olvera (Mexico), Hans Valimaki (Finland), Virgilio Martinez (Peru).  Not to mention  many more culinary greats from all over the world taking centre stage at the Gourmet Village.

Each participating chef and restaurant will present three to four signature dishes for you to wander from menu to menu, on a tasting trail that could take you from Alain Passard’s world famous “Chaud-Froid” Egg to a Peruvian specialty of Scallops Tiradito. Chart your own course on a unique culinary journey with all dishes priced between S$6 and S$21. Here’s a sneak peek at the Menu below (subject to change without notice):


click to view the menu for Savour 2012
click to view the menu for Savour 2012


The Gourmet Auditorium

The Gourmet Auditorium features a bespoke air-conditioned theatre-style arena complete with a state-of-the-art Bosch kitchen. Demonstrations by some of the world’s top chefs, sommeliers and nutritionists will not only provide a great insight into the passion they each have for their craft, but will also immerse attendees in a truly intimate behind-the-scenes experience in a world-class setting.

You can find out more about the classes and schedule through this link


The Gourmet Market

Shop at Gourmet Market which hosts 100 exhibitors spread across two floors with rare and exciting gourmet products that are not readily available Singapore, exclusively shipped in for Savour 2012. So here’s your

A to Z guide of what’s on sale here:


Artisan Bread

Unlike mass-production, the artisan bread is made from flour, water, salt and yeast, without any preservatives, which boasts wholesome natural flavours. Fancy Granny Sticks?  Artisan bakery Nick Vina’s signature bread is much softer than other loaves that is easy to chew by grandma and grandpa.

Make your own bread!

Learn the secret of bread making from Dean Brettschneider, award‐winning author of 9 bestselling books on the subject, and co‐owner of the Global Baker‐ Dean Brettschneider branded artisan bakeries in Shanghai, Auckland and Singapore in a free 45‐min workshop at the Event Arena. Classes are held at 3.00pm* (afternoon sessions) and 9.30pm* (evening sessions).



Bosch will be inviting visitors to attend intimate culinary workshops, led by Chef John See and Chef Claudio Sandri which will showcase the versatility of Bosch’s latest and award-winning kitchenware


Kids and the young-at-heart will not left out! Candy Play’s Japanese edible candy toys will let you “play with food” and make your own gummy candy that resembles sushi, ramen, doughnuts, and even beetles!

Dry Aged Angus

Three-Sixty diligently nurtured the Diamantina Angus Beef (Australian grain‐fed beef with a minimum marbling score of 2) throughout a drying process of 14 to 21 days. The result a good beef with an intense flavour and fabulous texture.  The richly-flavoured beef is ideal for steak cuts and is most pleasurable for medium rare preparation.

A cut above the rest…

Learn how to choose the best cuts of meat for your recipes! Hosted by Meat Livestock Australia, workshops are held daily in the Event Arena at 1.15pm* (afternoon sessions). Seats available on a first‐come-first‐ serve basis, subject to capacity).



Calling all coffee lovers!  Don’t miss the Oriole Coffee Roaster’s Yellowbird Seasonal Espresso, which exhibits notes of piped tobacco in the aroma, a rich and intense mouthfeel, flavours of sweet prunes, with hints of umami in the mid palate, completed with lingering notes of pomelo in the finish. Sample Best Espresso Award 2011 winner’s hand‐brewed single estate coffees and coffee accessories.

Rediscover brewed coffee

There will be a guided tasting of 2 single estate speciality coffees by Oriole and you can also learn how to use the French Press for home use at the Savour Experience Corner daily at 8.45pm* (evening sessions). Seats available on a first‐come‐first‐serve basis, subject to capacity). There’s also a coffee appreciation class at the Nespresso Coffee Atelier in the Gourmet Village.


At Crystal Wines booth, you can find Ca’del Bosco’s masterpiece called Franciacorta which is a refined and delicate sparkling wine. A star of the Italian wine making renaissance, Franciacorta has gained popularity thanks to the passion and skill synonymous with the company which made it.

Grove Avocado Oil

Packed with vitamins A, E and D, Avocado Oil has the highest smoke point of any extra virgin oil, which makes it the healthier oil to use with high temperature cooking applications including roasting and stir‐frying. It is also a good source of Lutein, a compound which has been shown to reduce the risk macular degeneration. Cholesterol-free and low in saturated fats, the good fats in avocado oil help the body to absorb beneficial carotenoids found in fruit and vegetables – so use it on your salads! Check out the Grove Avocado Oil at Foodpath’s booth.

Honeydew Melon Beer

For ladies who prefer a slightly sweeter taste to their beer, try North Taiwan Brewery’s Honeydew Melon Beer and Lychee Beer available at XPOTRADZ booth.


Let your tastebuds travel to exotic India with SHOTT Beverage’s Chai Latte syrup from Foodpath. Inspired by the Chai Wallahs carrying pots of Chai served in freshly fired earthenware cups, SHOTT has recreated the flavour and aroma by gently brewing fresh cloves, cinnamon quills and cardamom pods. For a cup of authen#c Chai Laae, simply add steamed, frothy milk.

Jamón ibérico de bellota

Did you know that Iberian hams are labelled according to their diet, with an acorn diet hailed as most desirable? The finest is the jamón ibérico de bellota which is dry‐cured ham contains swirls of flavourful natural fats, and has an exquisite nutty flavour, savoury sweet aroma and melt‐in‐your‐mouth texture. This ham is from free‐range black Iberian pigs that roam oak forests in southwestern Spain, fattened exclusively on acorn (bellota) for 3 months prior to slaughter, after which the ham is cured for 36 months. Available at Three-Sixty booth.

Kitchen Design

You can tell a lot about someone by looking at their fridge and kitchen ‐ Have you ever wondered what a chef’s dream kitchen looks like? Learn to cook like a Le Cordon Bleu chef in the chef‐inspired Atelier Kitchen. Filled with the best finishes and Italian quartz tops handpicked by professional chefs, this dream kitchen will fire the creativity for your next culinary adventure.

Longan Honey

One of MEKHALA’s best sellers, the Organic Longan Honey has a light, floral scent and delicate flavour which is delicious on toast, cereal or as a natural sweetener in tea. Rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, it is also proven to have naturopathic benefits and is recommended for the relief of allergies, influenza, rheumatism and high blood pressure. Mekhala also has a wide range of organic mountain rice and fine organic teas to tempt your tastebuds.

Marble Slab Creamery

For a truly one‐of‐a‐kind dessert, check out MARBLE SLAB CREAMERY’s exquisite gourmet ice‐cream which are lovingly handfolded on a frozen marble slab. True to their Texan roots, every batch of waffle cones are freshly made daily with fresh fruit, nuts, candies and cookies available for mix‐ins. Check out their new Parfait Palette which features 7 yummy parfaits (ice cream, yoghurt and sorbet combinations) named after colours – Scarlet, Blush, Autumn, Emerald, Periwinkle, Cocoa and Rose. Don’t miss their popular favourites, the Double Dark Chocolate and Cheesecake as well as other new flavours!

New Zealand Lamb

Drawing on three generations of family recipes incorporating the flavours of Asia, Australia and England, THE GOURMET PIE COMPANY’s delectable pies are made only from Australian beef and New Zealand lamb
together with other local fresh ingredients. Made and baked fresh daily and available in ‘Snack’ and ‘Hearty’ sizes, you can expect popular favourites like Beef Bourginon, Lamb Rendang and even Chilli Crab! You can also choose to add‐on mash, pea and gravy to the delicious pies.

Olive Oil

The A L’Olivier range of Olive Oils comes from a mill that is managed by the same family since 1822, bringing expertse, refinement and pure pleasure to your dishes. This March, LITTLE PROVENCE will be launching the Black Truffle Olive Oil at their booth at the Gourmet Market. Infused with black truffle aroma from the town of Grasse, on the French Riviera, and their classic extra virgin olive oil, the result is beautiful. It is exquisite especially paired with steamed potatoes, used as a dressing on autumn salads, or mixed with fresh tagliatelli. Don’t forget to ask about their Special Attractive Fair Discount!

Pili Nut

Say what? One nut that is rarely seen or heard of is the Pili nut (Canarium ovatum) – a rich source of heart healthy omegas which play an important role in brain function and may aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It also contains all 9 essential amino acids, which have been found to support healthy blood sugar levels, development of muscle tissue, hormone production, energy regulation, healthy bones and skin, liver detoxification and nerve cell health. The Pili nut contains the highest magnesium content of any nut, which helps support healthy nerves, muscles and bones. Additionally, there is more Vitamin E in a Pili Nut than any other nut. Find out more about the organic pili nut as well as the Organic Sweet and Savoury Health Bars and Himalayan Saffron Sea Salt at the FITNESS & WHOLEFOOD booth.


BESCHLE CHOCOLATIER SUISSE is renowned for its ultra‐premium Quizas range, made from the rare Porcelana beans, which have been lauded as the noblest and purest of chocolate beans. Awarded the Best Speciality Tablet 2011 by BBC Good Food Asia, each item is made by hand in Switzerland and the range is free of vanilla and lecithin. With its creation of QUIZAS, Beschle became the first Swiss chocoltier to create and sell chocolates with Single Origin cocoa from the finest estates in the world.

Attention Chocoholics!

Attend the Getting To Know The World Of Chocolate workshop, conducted by Max Brenner! Classes are held at 8.45pm* (evening sessions). There’s also ‘Chocolate Moulding for Kids’ at 12.45pm (afternoon sessions)* Seats are available on a first-come‐ first‐serve basis, subject to capacity).


Feel the bite of the Rattlesnake with clever, ready‐to‐drink prepackaged cocktail shooters which can be drunk as a shot or as a cocktail over ice. Perfect for parties, VX GLOBAL’s 30ml shots, which hail from Australia, comes in a variety of flavours like the Raalesnake (Tequila and Lime), B52 (Coffee Cream & Orange Liqueur), Texas Ranger (Buaerscotch & Cream Liqueur) and more. What’s your poison?

Swissotel’s resident Cocktail Architect Richard Gillam will be conducting a slew of Cocktail making classes, and even mocktail making for kids! Seats are available on a first-come‐first‐serve basis, subject to capacity).


Did you know that smoothies made from fresh organic greens, whole fruits, herbs and nuts can help to reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease and some cancers? In fact, regular drinkers of LINS SMOODEES have reported a loss of weight (including stubborn cellulite!), less lethargy, healthier skin, hair and nails and improved overall health! Using seasonal ingredients and blended in a high‐speed blender to retain live enzymes, each “smoodee” provides incredible nourishment, jump‐starts detoxification, and enhances self‐rejuvenation. Visit the booth or check out their workshops on healthy beverages at the Savour Event Arena.

The ‘Drink Green Healthy Beverage Recipes’ classes are held at 1.15pm* (afternoon sessions) at the Savour Event Arena. Seats are available on a first-come‐ first‐serve basis, subject to capacity).


Here’s a simple (and quick!) hors d’oeuvre for your next dinner party: simply serve one of the tasty tapenades from delices du Luberon as is, or spread on crouton, bread or crackers and serve. These delicacies are popular in the Provence, South of France, with a wide variety of delicious flavours like eggplant, sun‐dried tomato, capsicum, artichoke, and basil. Tapenades can also be used as a condiment to boost the flavour of your dishes! Tantalise your tastebuds at the LITTLE PROVENCE booth and don’t forget to ask about their Special Aaractive Fair Discount!


Honey contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide, an an#sep#c with an#bacterial properties. Some strains of Manuka honey also contain an extraordinary and powerful an#bacterial property not found in any other variety of honey (UMF). Because of this enhanced property, UMF Manuka Honey is the preferred choice for therapeutic uses. To measure the an#bacterial strength present in manuka honey, each batch must be tested in specifically approved laboratories using stringent criteria laid down by the UMF Honey Associa#on (of which a UMF ra#ng of 10 is the minimum). Enjoy the benefits of nature’s superfood with HONEY WORLD TRADING’s Honeyland Ac#ve Manuka, which comes guaranteed with a UFM level of 15+.


Specialists in oils, vinegars and condiments since 1822, A L’Olivier now introduces their new line of innovative fruit vinegars. Thick, fresh and full of fruit pulp, these unique vinegars will add a delicious burst of fruit to your favorite salads and savoury dishes ‐ just one taste will be enough to get you hooked. The only question is, with seven delicious and tempting varieties to choose from, which to try first? Choose from the Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Tomato, Fig, Mango, Espleae or Black Current Fruit Vinegar at the LITTLE PROVENCE booth.

Water and Wine

Enhance your understanding of water and wine pairing at the ACQUA PANNA & S.PELLEGRINO Masterclass as experts demonstrate how the taste and texture of different waters will enhance the flavours of food and wines they’re paired with.

Learn to pair your food and wine like a sommelier. Or chart your journey through over 20 handpicked wineries showcasing their New World discoveries and Old World classics at hourly wine masterclasses in the Savour Wine Theatre.

Xiao Bai Cai

Also known as Siew Pak Choy, Bok Choy, or white cabbage, xiao bai cai is a popular ingredient in Chinese cooking. Cook it by baking, braising or sautéing – or just eat it raw as it is nutritious and high in Vitamin A, C and calcium! Get fresh, budget‐friendly organic fruits and vegetables like the xiao bai cai from ZENXIN, whose produce are grown in farms in Johor and Lojing Highland (Malaysia) without the use of pesticides and
chemical fertilisers.

YS Tea

Unlike most off‐the‐shelf tea bags, you can compose your own medley of preferred flavours from YS TEA CREATION’s fine selection of black or green tea blends, caffeine‐free herbal or fruit infusions. Each tea bag is individually wrapped with a unique high quality mesh, which can be simply hung over the rim of the cup – perfect for larger cups and small pots. No strings attached (literally). Check out their popular caffeine‐free Fruit & Herbal Infusions developed with real juice, fruit bits or flower petals that are micro‐encapsulated for an exceptional exotic taste and lingering flavour long after consumption. Or Green Tea Passion which comes with a fruity twist (passion fruit, lychee, pineapple & flower petals).

Zhejiang Genmai Chai

The freshness of organic sencha green tea is melded with the warmth of roasted brown rice for an appealing cup, perfect on a cool night. This rare tea is a traditional Japanese favourite, with a unique flavour that is delicate and sensual. Tea Forté teas are available in their signature leaf‐topped pyramid infuser, loose format, filterbags, iced and for infusing cocktails. Immerse yourself in their vast range that includes organic teas, oolongs, rooibos, the skin‐smart range that is meticulously blended to work with the body’s chemistry and care from the skin from within as well as their cocktail infusions at the DREIHEIT HOUSE booth.

*NOTE: Seats in all classes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to capacity. Class times are subject to change. For the latest schedule, please visit





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