Three Ladies Walk Away With The Singapore Woman Awards 2012

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Singapore Woman Award 2012 - Donna Chua (GM Marketing, Robinsons Group), Mdm Halimah Yacob (Miniser of State for MCYS), Bridget Tan, Theresa Tan, Cassandra Chiu and Shaun Seow  (CEO, Mediacorp)

(L to R) Donna Chua (GM Marketing, Robinsons Group), Mdm Halimah Yacob (Miniser of State for MCYS), Bridget Tan, Theresa Tan, Cassandra Chiu and Shaun Seow (CEO, Mediacorp)

23 March 2012, Singapore – Last night, Mediacorp honoured three very inspirational ladies at the Singapore Woman Awards 2012 gala dinner at Shangri-La Hotel.

The three married ladies handpicked by a panel of judges included 33 year old Cassandra Chiu, 45 year old Theresa Tan and 64 year old Bridget Tan.  All three were awarded the Singapore Woman Award as judges found it difficult to pick one from these three honorees.

Casandra Chiu Mei Mei

Cassandra overcame incredible obstacles to be the strong woman that she is today.  Losing her sight at eight years old from a degenerative eye condition known as Stargardts, she went on to be come a wife, mother and also obtained a Masters Degree in Social Science in Professional Counseling.  Her passion included busking and sports and she represented Singapore in regional swimming competitions such as FESPIC Games (equivalent to the SEA Games for the disabled) in her younger days.  She was also a champion bowler then.

While at school, Cassandra had to work during the day as a street busker to earn a living.  Cassandra also had to scan in every page before she could extract information for her research projects.   After graduating, Cassandra could not find fair employment with her disability so she started her own counseling practice – The Safe Harbour.  This 5 month old business provides counseling services to individuals, couples, young adults and families at affordable cost.

Cassandra also won two awards for her voluntary work with the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped.  She also provides pro-bono counseling services to other members and helps out at Association events as emcee or performer.

Theresa Tan Le San

Theresa discovered she had breast cancer in 2010 and went through a mastectomy.  She has since recovered from the illness after the surgery and also a breast reconstruction using her fats located at the stomach.  She still passionately lives life as a loving wife, a nurturing mother of 3, a committed friend, a reputable editor of magazines, and the owner of Word Agency where she provides writing and editing services.

She also set up a blog ( to educate women about breast cancer, its implication as well as about essential insurance matters that have not been addressed.  After appearing in an article in The New Paper in September 2010, many reputable insurance companies picked up the story in their collaterals.  She has given talks to insurance planners to increase civic awareness on the importance of insurance policies for women’s conditions.

Despite her health issues, she has unfailingly demonstrated her love to her loved ones such as attending Taylor Swift’s concert with her daughter shortly after surgery, cooking up sumptuous meals despite being unwell and constantly encouraging and strengthening people around her.  She never allowed the disease to stop her from living a fulfilled life.

Last year, she also completed 82km in 7 races including the Standard Chartered Half Marathon.

Bridget Tan Teck Sim

Bridget’s strong sense of justice and steadfast belief that regardless of race or religion has allowed her to promote that all must be treated fairly, especially those who are marginalized.  Bridget founded HOME in 2004 to provide assistance such as food, shelter and emotional support to migrant workers from the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India and China who face difficulties in Singapore.

The organisation does not qualify for any Community Chest or government funding.  That did not deter Bridget from her cause.  She used up all her CPF money to fund the set up.    Today, HOME receives donation from foundation and private corporations to fund the operation cost of S$900,000.

Bridget’s leadership has seen helpdesks, two shelters and a skills training institute offering vocational courses being set up.  For the past seven years, more than 50,000 migrants and victims of human trafficking and forced labour have sought help from HOME.

Singapore Woman Award 2012- Robinsons Fashion Show

Robinson's Fashion Show

Guests were also treated to a fashion show where Mediacorp Radio personalities dressed in Robinson’s apparel play fashion runway models for a night.    Entertaining guests last night included Hossan Leong. Gold 90.5FM’s Producer-Presenter, Denise Tan as well as Runner Up of the third season of Singapore Idol, Sylvia Ratonel.

Singapore Woman Award 2012 - Performances


More photos from the event can be viewed here.

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