Louis Vuitton – Damier 125th Anniversary Summer 2013 Collection

Louis Vuitton - DAMIER 125th Anniversary Collection
Louis Vuitton Damier 125th Anniversary Summer 2013 Collection


4 January 2013, Singapore – Celebrate the 125th anniversary of Louis Vuitton Damier with its signature alternating small brown and beige squares. Louis Vuitton has added the Damier Infini in fluorescent hues supple embossed leather, Damier Ebene with a coloured interior and water-resistant nylon Damier Challenge.











Key Damier milestones over the years…

In 1888 Louis Vuitton created the Damier canvas with alternating small brown and beige squares with his son Georges Vuitton.

In 1996, Damier canvas released its classic brown tones and renamed Damier Ebene.

In 2006, Inspired by the French Riveiera, the Damier took on a feminine form and theDamier Azur was created.

In 2008, the Damier Graphite was introduced to represent the masculine line.

In 2011, the Damier Infini was the first line that was revealed in supple embossed leather.

In 2012, two sport-oriented nylon versions. The  Damier Challenge  and Damier Aventure were introduced.



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