Julien Fournié x Love Bonito 2

Julien Fournié x Love Bonito Collection

Love Bonito, a Singapore women’s fashion, clothing and accessories online store, collaborates with French fashion designer, Julien Fournié to launch a ready-to-wear collection. The Julien Fournié x Love Bonito collection fashion walk will be the closing show for the Fide Fashion Week tomorrow. I first met Julien and the girls from Love Bonito at a press conference held on 14 October 2013.

Julien Fournié was in here in Singapore  for FIDe Fashion Week 2012 to showcase his couture collection. This year, he presented his Julien Fournié Couture collection at FIDe Fashion Week 2013 last night and Julien Fournié x Love Bonito collection. Julien was initially apprehensive about working on the additional collection because he was more comfortable with couture wear and thought that ready-to-wear was going to be complicated. However, he was soon won over by the girls at Love Bonito who know how to rejuvenate the collections to keep their customers satisfied.  Julien Fournié started by studying Love Bonito’s past collection to analyse their fashion DNA.

The capsule collection sees two sides of Julien with light & fun styles and more sombre & dramatic colours including shocking pink, deep green and deep purple. The designs were carefully thought out to transcend the daytime outfit to nighttime on a daily basis.

The Julien Fournié x Love Bonito collection can be found on www.lovebonito.com

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