ZEISS i.Terminal 2 centration device

Make ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses Your Everyday Pair of Lenses

Getting my new pair of ZEISS DriveSafe lenses.
Getting my new pair of ZEISS DriveSafe lenses

In my line of work, I am always sitting in front of either a computer or laptop screen or working from my smartphone. This only means that my work hours are irregular too. Most of the time I work through the wee hours and that takes a toll on my eyesight. Does this sound familiar to you?

The side effect of this lifestyle is my poor eyesight. Whenever I drive at night, I encounter slightly blurry vision, irritation from the glare of head lights from the other side of the road or the brake lights of the vehicles around me. Don’t even get me started on wet weather conditions. Do you sometimes see a halo around the traffic lights or even the street lamps? Well I do most of the time.

Bokeh and glare from lights
Bokeh and glare from lights

I haven’t really been confident about driving at night. In fact, I have to be even more vigilant at night looking at the rear view and side mirrors or the cars in front of me. The visual and cognitive effort makes it stressful driving in low light conditions. So I tend to drive much slower at night.

Not until I was introduced to ZEISS DriveSafe lenses which was launched to increase safety on the roads. Using a combination of an optimised lens design and a special coating, ZEISS DriveSafe offers a lens for everyday use with special features to make driving a more relaxed experience. The lenses feature ZEISS DuraVision DriveSafe Coating that helps reduce glare by up to 64% when compared with the premium Anti-Reflective ZEISS coating. Plus, it is combined with their new innovative Luminance Design® technology that helps to improve vision in challenging light conditions such as rain, dusk, or at night.

If you are a progressive wearer like me, you will be happy to know that the lens design for ZEISS DriveSafe lenses is optimised for better comfort when looking at the road, dashboard and mirrors.



The Eye Check Up

ZEISS Technology
ZEISS Technology

Getting a pair is easy. Had to get my eyes checked by the optometrist at a ZEISS Optical Partner store. Naturally the equipment used are all from ZEISS, which is known for the precision and quality.

ZEISS iProfiler
ZEISS iProfiler Plus

The first test I had to take was to check my current eyesight by looking into the i.Profiler Plus, which took readings from my eyes.The equipment they used were all controlled by the iPad and all the information are all automatically synced onto the iPad.


The next test was to read off the alphabets and numbers of various sizes and colour test on the wall in front of me. This was already calibrated to the findings from the test. No need for unnecessary manual human adjustments. This is also controlled via the iPad! How cool is that!

ZEISS i.Terminal 2 centration device
ZEISS iTerminal 2

The next test utilising the  ZEISS i.Terminal 2 centration device impressed me. I stood in front of what looks like a screen on a tall thin stand. It would snap a shot with me looking into it and another of my side profile. What this does is to measure the distance of the frames from my eyes. This is unlike my previous experience where the optometrist would measure it using a ruler. And after that, the measurements are sent to ZEISS to customise the lenses.

Variety of Eyewear at OTTICA ZEISS Vision Centre
Selecting your frames

I picked a trendy frame from Japan.


The Lenses

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses
ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses

Having worn the new pair of glasses with ZEISS DriveSafe lenses for over a month, it has become my permanent pair of all-in-one glasses. The lenses I got are:

  1. Photofusion – which means that it becomes a pair of shades as the lenses get darkened when it is exposed to UV light,
  2. Progressive which lets me see far and read,
  3. Corrected for astigmatism and
  4. DriveSafe

I have been driving with the new pair of glasses just to test out the efficacy of the new lenses and I feel that the irritating glow from head and brake lights as well as traffic lights and road side lamps have been reduced. My eyes are also able to adjust quickly while looking at the dashboard and at the traffic ahead of me and around me.

In short, the DriveSafe lenses work like my everyday lenses, with the benefit from the features for a safer driving experience.

Check out the video below as I share more of my experience with ZEISS DriveSafe lenses while driving at night.



Get Your Own ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses Today

ZEISS is giving away prizes when you purchase a pair of ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses from all ZEISS Optical Partner stores by 31 January 2017. Prizes include a pair of Economy return air tickets to Germany, 3 x S$1,000 shopping vouchers and 10 x S$300 petrol vouchers to be won.

Visit www.zeiss.com.sg/drivesafe for more information.



This post is sponsored by ZEISS.



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