SingSaver Partners FWD for dedicated COVID-19 Coverage

SingSaver has partnered FWD earlier this month to launch the FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage insurance policy. This covers you for infectious diseases including COVID-19, dengue, Zika virus and others and is bundled with a personal accident policy. Purchase this exclusively on SingSaver at S$98 per annum with discounts for couples and families. The Couples Cover is priced at S$185.20 and the Family Cover for up to 2 adults and 2 children is priced at S$252.

FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage offers standard enhanced benefits that cover worldwide medical expenses in hospitals and clinics, hospital income and medical evacuation in the event that the policyholder contracts an infectious disease without the need to purchase expensive add-ons. It also offers a limit of S$50,000 payout each for COVID-19 and infectious diseases related death, disability or guardian angel benefit, and the reimbursement of holistic care necessities such as physiotherapy expenses, traditional Chinese medicine and home modifications. The guardian angel benefit pays your surviving child or children 100% of the accidental death benefit when both parents die or get permanently disabled from the same accident.

Table 1 – Financial Protection provided in event of a confirmed Infectious Disease (including COVID-19, Dengue etc)

Covers a wide range of Infectious Diseases: Anthrax; Avian Influenza or “Bird Flu”; Chikungunya fever; Dengue fever; Ebola; Hand, foot and mouth disease; Japanese viral encephalitis; Legionnaires’ disease; Malaria; Measles; Melioidosis or “Soil Disease”; Middle east respiratory syndrome; Mumps; Nipah viral encephalitis; Novel Coronavirus or “COVID-19”; Plague; Rabies; Rubella; Severe acute respiratory syndrome; Tuberculosis; “Mad Cow Disease”; Yellow fever; Zika virus; Cholera        N/A
Death BenefitsS$50,000
Permanent Total & Partial Disability (per policy year)S$50,000
Guardian Angel Benefit (per policy year)S$50,000
Funeral Grant (Death)S$2,500
Infectious Diseases Medical Expenses SG (Inpatient/ Outpatient)S$1,000
Infectious Diseases Medical Expenses Overseas (Inpatient/ Outpatient)S$2,000
Infectious Diseases Hospital Cash Coverage (Allowance)S$25/ day (up to 365 days)

Table 2 – Additional benefits for any accident (Personal Accident policy)

Sum AssuredS$100,000
Emergency Medical EvacuationUnlimited
Accidental Death BenefitsS$100,000
Permanent total & partial disabilityS$100,000
Medical Expenses SG (Inpatient/ Outpatient)S$2,000
Medical Expenses Overseas (Inpatient/ Outpatient)S$4,000
Hospital Cash IncomeS$50/ day
Hospital Cash Income – Intensive CareS$100/ day
Ambulance FeesS$500
Chinese physician, acupuncturist, bonesetter and chiropractor expensesS$500
Daily taxi allowance (up to 2 weeks)S$20
24 hours medical helplineService
Emergency phone charges (Overseas)S$300
Guardian angel benefitS$100,000

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