Bruichladdich Black Art 09.1 & Octomore 12 Series Available Now at VAULT50

Bruichladdich Progressive Hebridean Distillers have launched their latest expressions. The Bruichladdich Black Art 09.1 and Octomore 12 Series. The latest expressions are available online and specialist retail stores in Singapore.

VAULT50 is also offering a flight of the Bruichladdich Black Art 09.1 and the trio from Octomore 12 series for S$80++ until 31 January 2022. And you can also purchase all four bottles at a bundle price of S$1,428 from VAULT50 in th emonth of January 2022. After that, Burichladdich Distillery would still be available at The Single Cask, Cooperage, Malts, Meatsmith, 1 Penny Black and Shanghai Vault.

The four expressions will also be available for online purchase on Rémy Cointreau’s LazMallShopee and Amazon

Bruichladdich Black Art 09.1

OCTOMORE 12s and BlackArt-4984

The Bruichladdich Black Art 09.1 is a finite 1992 vintage. Head Distiller Adam Hannett, the current custodian ensuring the work of their predecessors is given the closest attention, has nurtured the spirit from cask to cask. This 29-year-old whisky is the oldest Balck Art edition to ever be bottled. It is bottled at 44.1% ABV and retails at a recommended selling price of S$720. For the month of January at VAULT50, limited quantities of Black Art 09.1 is available at a special price of S$628.

The unpeated spirit is matured in unrivalled quality oak and only the Head Distiller knows the type of casks he chose for the edition.

“With this edition of Black Art, I took inspiration from the groundwork done in the early days of this series, where there was a relentless pursuit to layer flavour. This whisky would rest in some of the finest casks, sometimes for just a few weeks, adding a delicate layer of fruit before we moved the whisky on again. Carefully waiting, watching and tasting, looking to chart new directions with each new cask we used until finally arriving at a point of perfection”

Adam Hannett, Head Distiller

Octomore 12 Series


Expect a high peat level of 100+ PPM strength for the trio of five-year-old single malts from the 12th series of the Octomore Single Malt Whisky. The 12.1 acts as the base or control of the experimental range, just like the previous editions. As per tradition, the .1 Octomore is matured in ex-American oak casks for five years to provide control within each experimental series. And the 12.1 was no exception to this rule. The 12.1 retails at S$260.

The 12.2 retails at S$300 and offers an alternative maturation by taking an example from the phenomenally successful Octomore 4.2 (Comus), pairing heavily peated spirit with ex-Sauternes cask finishing. The whisky spent three and a half years in ex-American oak. Afterwhich, It is recasked into Saunternes casks for 18 months.

The single vintage 12.3 retails at S$365. It explores Islay grown barley and the terrior of the distiller’s home-grown grain combined with sherry maturation for the first time in history. 75 percent of the distilled spirit was filled into ex American oak casks and 25 per cent into Pedro Ximénaz solera casks for a five-year maturation.

The 12 series is available at VAULT50 throughout January 2022 at a special bundle of S$808. Individual bottles are specially priced at S$240 for the 12.1, S$280 for the 12.2 and S$350 for the 12.3.

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