The Traditional Loh Heiof the Salmon Yu Sheng

Celebrating Chinese New Year With Take Away Yu Sheng & Goodies

The Traditional Loh Hei - Salmon Yu Sheng
Salmon Yu Sheng

January 2013, Singapore –  As we prepare to usher in the year of the snake, we’ve helped make it easier for you to celebrate reunion dinner as well as the customary tossing of fish or Loh Hei at home.  While you may rather take the effort and pride in1 preparing your own prosperity yu sheng to toss at home, most would rather just pick up a ready prepared one so that we can make it in time to enjoy your reunion dinners.

We list out some of the places you can takeaway Yu Sheng as well as other new year goodies.


Lobby Lounge – Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Food - Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Lobby Lounge Yu Sheng 2013


When: From 31 January to 24 February 2013
Where: Lobby Lounge, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Orders:  Call +6568235367 or email

Three Treasures Yusheng – A fusion of Japanese and Chinese flavours.  Hokkigai Artic Surf Clam, Ginseng and Japanese Yuzu Dressing takes the centre stage.  Toss them with golden radish, carrots, a bed of Japanese picked radish, pickled cucumber, wakame seaweed, sweet omelet strips, Chinese pickled mango, picked papaya, crunchy black fungus and BBQ Bak Kwa strips and crispy deep fried wanton skin.  (S$68++ serves up to eight)

Eternal Prosperity Yusheng – Fresh slices of Norwegian salmon, golden radish, carrots tossed in fragrant sweetened ginger, brown melon, lime strips, tangy pomelo, pickled leek, gourd wax, sprinkled with cinnamon powder, sweet plum sauce and topped with crunchy peanuts and pok chui (golden pillows).  (S$48++ serves up to eight)

Additional toppings:  You can top up additional toppings at additional cost.  Sliced Abalone S$48++, Fresh Hokkigai Surf Clam S$38++, Meikajiki Toro (Swordfish Belly) S$28++, Fresh Norwegian Salmon S$18++, Yuzu Ginseng Dressing S$8++


Gourmet Carousel – Royal Plaza On Scotts

Food - Royal Plaza on Scotts Yu Sheng


When: From 1 to 24 February 2013
Where: Gourmet Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts
Orders:  Call +6565897788 or email Advanced orders of three days are required. The last order date is on 22 February 2013, 12pm.

To celebrate the year of the snake, Gourmet Carousel uses Snakehead fish, snakeskin fruit and snake gourd in their yu sheng this year.    Other ingredients in this yu sheng include chuka wakame and kombu seaweed, fried ginger strips, crispy salmon skin and crispy silverfish.   Enjoy the crispiness of the yu sheng with the sweet and tangy combination of snakeskin fruit and snake gourd both pickled with homemade recipes.    It is topped with a specially concocted kumquat and yuzu sauce.  Available at S$88 for four to six, S$118 for eight to ten.


Tien Court – Copthorne Kings

Yu Sheng - Tien Court - Copthorne Kings


When: From 8 January to 24 February 2013
Where: Tien Court at Copthorne Kings
Orders:  Call +6563183198/3193 or email Advanced orders of two days are required. The last order date is on 24 February 2013.

Tien Court offers Prosperity Yu Sheng, Pen Cai, special a la carte orders and Set Menus for those who prefer to have Reunion Dinner in the comfort of their home.

The Prosperity 5-course set menu for six costs S$388++ while the 10 person set menu costs S$628++/  The set menus include Salmon Yu Sheng, Pen Cai, Roast Chicken with Spicy Garlic and Almond Flakes, Steamed Glutinous Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf and Red Date cake.

If you only wish to take away Yu Sheng, the Salmon Yu Sheng serves up to 7 person at S$49.80++.  There is also an Abalone Yu Sheng with serves up to 10 people at S$103.80++.


Mandarin Court – Mandarin Orchard

Prosperity Roselle Lobster Yu Shengt


When: From 18 to 24 February 2013
Where: Mandarin Court at Mandarin Orchard
Orders:  Call +65 6831 6285/62, fax +65 6831 6284 or email Advanced orders of three days are required. The last order date is on 6 February 2013, 12pm.

Prosperity Roselle Salmon Yu Sheng, a traditional plum sauce with salmon, roselle, virgin olive oil and spring onion oil is available from S$68 excluding 7% GST. Additional portion of salmon at S$18, lobster at S$48 and abalone at S$68.


Peach Blossoms – Marina Mandarin

Peach Blossoms - Signature Marina Mandarin (Fruits) Yu Sheng t


When: From now to 24 February 2013
Where: Peach Blossoms at Marina Mandarin
Orders:  Call +65 6845 1118, fax +65 6845 1149  or email Advanced orders of three days are required. The last order date is on 21 February 2013, 12pm.

With eight different Yu Sheng to choose from, Peach Blossoms offers one of the most extensive range of Yu Sheng in Singapore. From fruit to vegetarian and unagi (roasted eel) for those who cannot consume raw fish, there’s bound to be a Yu Sheng that suits your dietary preferences at Peach Blossoms.

  • Unagi Yu Sheng – served with Hong Kong-style Sesame Dressing from S$68
  • Marina Mandarin Yu Sheng – Lobster, Salmon, Passion Fruit, Mango, Jackfruit, Rambutan and Kiwi Yu Sheng from S$98+
  • Sliced 2-head Quality Abalone Yu Sheng from S$98+
  • Lobster Yu Sheng from S$88+
  • Swordfish & Salmon Yu Sheng from S$68+
  • Swordfish Yu Sheng from S$52+
  • Salmon Yu Sheng from S$48+
  • Vegetarian Abalone Yu Sheng from S$38+



Park Palace – Grand Park City Hall

Grand Park City Hall_Park Palace_Golden Shunde Yusheng

When: From 21 January 2013 to 24 February 2013
Where: Park Palace at Grand Park City Hall, 10 Coleman Street
Orders:  Call +6564325543 for reservations. Advanced orders of one day is required.

Park Palace at Grand Park City Hall offers three different types of yu sheng as well as other Chinese New Year must haves including suckling pig, nian gao, roasted duck, carrot cake, crispy walnuts, pen cai and pineapple tarts.

  • Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng S$48 (Medium), S$68+ (Large)
  • Propitious Abalone Yu Sheng S$68+ (Medium), S$88+ (Large)
  • Auspicious Yellowtail Yu Sheng S$55+ (Medium) , S$75+ (Large)
  • Park Palace Imperial Suckling Pig S$238+ (Whole)
  • Good Fortune Dang Gui Roasted Duck S$68+ (Whole)
  • Longevity Carrot Cake S$18+ (1kg)
  • Lunar New Year Pen Cai Treasures S$268+ (6 persons), S$428+ (10 persons)
  • Lunar New Year Nian Gao S$32+ (Pair of fishes, 500g)



Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant – Carlton Hotel Singapore

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant Lobster Yu Sheng

When: From 28 January 2013 to 24 February 2013.  Cookies and tarts are available from 21 January to 9 February 2013.
Where: Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant on Level 2 Carlton Hotel Singapore
Orders:  Call +6563491292, fax +6563118170 or email Advanced orders of three days required.

Carlton Hotel offers a variety of New Year goodies for you to take home including the abundant Poon Choy, Yu Sheng as well as sweet treats such as the Pineapple Tarts, Almond Nian Gao, Cranberry Cookies with Lime Sea Salt and Honey Dates Cookies.  The Poon Choy contains whole abalone, scallops, sea cucumber, dried oysters, roasted duck, pan-fried live prawns, pig shank, fish balls, mushrooms, black moss, “Tian Jin” cabbage, Radish and Yam.

  • Australian Lobster Yu Sheng S$28 per 100g
  • Fish Yu Sheng S$48
  • Salmon Yu Sheng S$58
  • Hamachi Yu Sheng “Soon Tak” Style S$88
  • Abalone Yu Sheng S$108
  • Longevity Poon Choy S$388 (6 persons), S$628 (10 persons)
  • Whole Soya Chicken S$40
  • Whole Roasted Duck S$48
  • Traditional Nian Gao S$14.80
  • Almond Nian Gao S$16.80
  • Premium Wah Lok XO Sauce S$26.80 (200g)
  • Pineapple Tarts/Cornflake Cookies/Honey Date Cookies or Cranberry Cookies with Lime Sea Salt S$23.80 (2o pieces)


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