Shang Palace Dim Sum

Dim Sum Menu at Shang Palace Features 14 New Items

Shang Palace Dim Sum
Dim Sum (Shang Palace photo)

Shang Palace at The Shangri-La Hotel Singapore now offers a refreshed dim sum menu. Head Dim Sum Chef Li Shou Tao introduces 14 new items which are available for lunch daily.

Shang Palace - Dim Sum Basket
Sakura Shrimp Dumpling, Chicken Dumpling, Steamed Seafood and Egg White Dumpling and Steamed Scallop Dumpling with Water Chestnut and Chinese Celery

Enjoy classic sweet and savoury dim sum such as the Steamed Enoki Mushroom Dumpling with Preserved Vegetables; Steamed Sakura Shrimp and Chicken Dumpling and Wok-fried Fine Soya Sauce Rice Roll. The rubber ducky replica Steamed Lotus Paste Duckling Bun will be the favourite shot in social media.

Shang Palace - Prawn Roll, Taro and Pumpking Cake, Glutinous Dumpling
Lychee Prawn Roll, Pan-fried Shredded Taro and Pumpkin Cake and Deep-fried Glutinous Dumpling with Dried Shrimp, Mushroom and Chives

New summer dim sum creations have refreshing coconut and lychee incorporated into the Baked Mini Coconut Tart or Lychee Prawn Roll.

Shang Palace - Wok-fried fine soya sauce rice roll
Wok-fried fine soya sauce rice roll

All these compliment existing dim sum dishes such as the Deep-fried Mango and Prawn Roll; Steamed Lobster with Bitter Gourd Dumpling; Shang Palace Xiao Long Bao and Barbecued Pork Pastry.

Shang Palace Duckie dessert
Steamed Lotus Paste in Duckling Shaped Bun accompanied with Sweetened Chilled Pear and Strawberry

Visit for online reservations or call +6562134138 for reservations.

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