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22 June 2011, Singapore – In my younger days, I used to drink a lot as part of my work as well as with my friends. At some instances, we could drink many bottles of different types of alcohol within a night which would end up with a hangover the next morning. It did not help that my friends were very happy heavy drinkers too.

In my attempt to get rid of the alcohol, I would drink lots of water and coffee in the hope of clearing the alcohol from my system. Of course, it didn’t help that anyone who came into close proximity to me, would be able to get a wiff of the alcoholic ‘scent’.

Heineken iPhone Wall paper
It's not surprising that this is my iPhone wallpaper

Earlier this month, I attended an event for the launch of an organic food supplement that helps to break down alcohol levels in our bodies and the hangover effects.

Being a skeptic, initially I did not believe that it would work on me. I was going to brush it away as a placebo, not until I took 1 tablet just to give it a try. I already had a couple glasses of red and white wine and Proseco despite an empty stomach.

Yes. I have the habit of mixing my drinks and seldom stick to one type of drink at events. I bumped into an old friend whom I had not met for close to a decade so we had a great time catching up with lost time. With no time to touch any of the finger food, I had more of the full bodied red wine. It was then that I decided to try one tablet.   My friend asked me whether there was any effect and I recalled telling her that I was still feeling a little light-headed from the alcohol. What was I thinking?? This is not a miracle product and like any thing in life, it needed some time to work its effect.

Top it up, please!


Just as in all fun parties, the event had to end and most of the guests had left. I was still happily chatting away as my friend was telling me about her food distribution business. We decided it was our turn to go back to rest when I bumped into another old friend.

He poured me a very generous portion of proseco and it was then that I was complaining that I felt like I had drunk any cups of coffee feeling extremely perky and energetic. It sure felt as if I hadn’t had any alcohol that night. This one tablet I took about an hour earlier was effective for me!

So, what is this new FRESH UP?

FRESH UP is a chewable tablet that contains alcohol dehydrogenase plus a blend of other digestive and metabolic enzymes derived from natural sources which are safe for consumption. It eliminates alcohol toxics by breaking down the alcohol into carbon dioxide and water. It removes the cause of hangovers which is the accumulation of acetaldehyde.  It helps to ensure the long term health of our livers.

What can FRESH UP do for you?

• Reduces alcohol levels as the formulation of natural digestive and metabolic enzymes work to break down and reduce alcohol levels in a person by more than 50% within 40 minutes after ingestion.
• Decreases hangover effects and recovers normal body functioning.
• Improves gastro-intestinal diseases.
• Eliminates offensive breath and smell.
• Treats food poisoning.
•Assists with diarrhea.
• Prevents high cholesterol.
• Redeems energy levels.

For me it worked, more to my disappointment, only because, I didn’t feel the thrill of being slightly intoxicated after a night of drinking.   Perhaps, I should look forward to another party and drink more!!  I shouldn’t have given away my FRESH UP to my friends who had planned to go to Bangkok for a holiday of partying!

Click here for more information about FRESH UP.

You can purchase FRESH UP online.  FRESH UP Retails for S$12.00 for a pack of 4 tablets.   However, if you purchased online, there’s a special limited offer, of S$8.00 per pack.

Drink Responsibly and do not drink and drive.

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