FIRE Summer in Argentina Menu - Poached Black Cod

Enjoy the 6-course Summer in Argentina tasting menu at FIRE at 1-ATICO till end September

Summer in Argentina, a six-course Summer tasting menu by FIRE at 1-ATICO and priced at S$158++ per person, has been extended to the end of September 2021. It was launched on 9 July 2021 to celebrate Argentina’s Independence Day from Spain.

When FIRE opened its doors on level 55 of ION Orchard, the culinary team worked closely with the Embassy of Argentina in Singapore so that the food served is authentic. The six-course summer tasting menu was supposed to be available till the end of August. Because of the closure of F&B during the second Phase 2 Heightened Alert, this has been extended to allow more people to taste the beautiful dishes in the menu.

Summer in Argentina highlights the flavours of the fresh produce across Argentina’s exceptional climate diversity, ranging from subtropical in the north to polar in the far south of the country. The rich blend of culinary diversity is at its most vibrant in the summer months.

Diners start the meal with the Patagonian Shrimp Cocktail. Patagonian prawns are in season during summer. They are served as ceviche, with asparagus, radishes, endive and ikura in aguachile verde. Enjoy the acidity from the lime and hints of chillies from the aguachile verde. The Chilled Summer Tomaticán is the perfect soup for summer because the soup is cold giving one a crisp and fresh sensation. Tomatoes from San Juan Province are used for the wood-smoked vine-ripened tomato soup. It anchovies from the Argentinian sea, black olives from Mendoza as well as Burrata and Ciabatta croutons.

The third course is the Summer Baby Purple Artichokes that is mixed with fava beans, saffron espuma, lightly dusted with powdered nduja crowned with parmesan crackers. This dish gets more savoury from the first two courses as it leads you to the fourth course.

FIRE Summer in Argentina Menu - Poached Black Cod
FIRE Summer in Argentina Menu – Poached Black Cod

The Poached Black Cod takes inspiration from the fish from Tierra del Fuego province where the protected water is certified to be the purest water reaching a city. Chef poached the Black Cod to retain its sweetness and pairs the fish with salty crunchy Salicornia on a pool of Torrontes Pil Pil sauce and a broth of Argentinian white wine cooked with the skin and bone of the cod. The Zucchini Flower Fritter is deep-fried with anchovies for added flavour and a contrasting crunch to the cod.

25 day Dry-Aged Devesa Grain-Fed OP Rib ‘on-the-bone’
25-day Dry-Aged Devesa Grain-Fed OP Rib ‘on-the-bone’

The highlight of the menu is the 25-day Dry-Aged Devesa Grain-Fed OP Rib ‘on-the-bone‘. It is prepared on the Parilla grill over gentle heat from oak and applewood embers. The cattle are selected from the finest breeds from the Argentinian pampas, raised in pristine pastures under a strict nutritional programme. Bite into the tender meat that has been rubbed with chimichurri and savour the taste and juiciness and the marbling. Grilled vegetables and horseradish dressing are served on the side.

FIRE Summer in Argentina Menu - Caramelised Summer Peaches and Nectarines
Caramelised Summer Peaches and Nectarines

No meal is complete without dessert. The Caramelised Summer Peaches and Nectarines achieves that. The fruits have been poached with spices and charred on a plancha grill. The Yerbe Mate infused sorbet pairs perfectly. The leaves of Yerbe Mate are steeped in hot water to make Mate and brewed cold to make tereré, a common social practice in Argentina where people of all ages gather and drink mate. It is an Argentinian caffeine alternative.

Likewise, this six-course menu experience should be indulged with friends and family.

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