foodpanda Pau-Pau

foodpanda Pau-Pau champions empowerment and sustainability

foodpanda celebrates its 10th anniversary and welcomes 2022 with the introduction of Pau-Pau in more countries. The fun-loving and free-spirited panda is a first-of-its-kind brand ambassador that champions empowerment and sustainability across the region.

To mark the launch of Pau-Pau, foodpanda is offering free delivery off all foodpanda orders with a minimum order of S$25 from today till 7 January 2022 with the code <HELLOPAUPAU>.

Pau-Pau made his first appearances in Japan, Taiwan and Cambodia in December 2021. It has since been rolled out in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Laos, before reaching the rest of the foodpanda network. The next phase will include the Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

foodpanda expands its digital marketing ambitions beyond traditional platforms. Pau-Pau will also be on LINE and Instagram Apps as emojis and stickers. Pau-Pau will be rolling out progressively across all foodpanda channels and interfaces, from the app and website, to digital and social media platforms, out-of-home activations and more.

Pau-Pau is from an imaginary land. He happened to bite on a piece of pink bamboo that turned him pink. He lives and behaves just like a regular panda. Pau-Pau loves to go places. You can find him on the foodpanda app and on social media. He loves food, but has a soft spot for pizza.

foodpanda Pau-Pau
foodpanda Pau-Pau

Pau-Pau is passionate about empowerment and living life on one’s own terms, the environment, and foodpanda’s sustainability champion, and enthusiasm for food and fun. Pau-Pau will be a part of foodpanda’s green agenda, supporting sustainability initiatives such as its default cutlery opt-out feature. In 2021, this feature saved 544 million pieces of single-use plastic. In August 2021, foodpanda launched the Global Sustainability Packaging Programme to encourage merchant to switch to plastic-free, plant-based packaging to reduce the impact on the environment as it works towards becoming a carbon-neutral organisation.

foodpanda Pau-Pau
foodpanda Pau-Pau

“Pau-Pau is a first-of-its-kind among food delivery platforms in Asia! More than anything else, we wanted to create a personality that evokes love among customers. A personality that they can relate to and form an emotional connection with, as foodpanda becomes a partner in their everyday lives. We want Pau-Pau to be an inspiration for people to live life on their own terms and to its fullest. We are excited for our customers to meet Pau-Pau, as we mark the start of a new decade for foodpanda in Asia.”

Idan Haim, Vice President, Growth and Marketing, foodpanda.

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