GU:UM - Grilled Tajima Wagyu Ribeye and Grilled Iberico Pluma served with fresh salad tossed in house-made vinaigrette and assorted house made pickles and kimchi

GU:UM – Contemporary Korean sharing plates for a convivial dining experience by NAE:UM Group

NAE:UM Group has opened a new cosy 40-seater Korean contemporary grill restaurant in the Keong Saik neighbourhood naming it GU:UM which means ‘to grill’ or ‘to cook over fire’. Contrary to traditional Korean BBQ spots, patrons need not prepare their own meals; instead, they can indulge in professionally cooked dishes here.

Chef Louis Han
Chef Louis Han

GU:UM serves Korean flavours with a cosmopolitan twist helmed by Chef Louis Han and his team that is formerly from NAE:UM. The menu meant for sharing is inspired by NAE:UM‘s fifth episodic menu “Front Yard Barbecue”

The interior features a palette of warm browns, sandy beiges and ash grey, giving guests the cosy, comforting warm feeling of sitting by a fire with loved ones. The open kitchen allows diners at the chef’s table or at the banquette and bar seats to catch the chefs in action. We sat at the Chef’s Table with full view of the chefs at work. To our pleasant surprise, the air wasn’t thick with smoke, and we didn’t leave smelling as if we’d just indulged in a Korean BBQ feast.

Start your dining experience with some appetising starters. The Yukhwoe Jeon (S$32++), a potato ‘jeon’ pancake topped with Korean-style hand-chopped beef tartare and pickled onions and egg yolk jam was incredibly tasty. The KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower S$26++) is a Korean fried-chicken styled rendition of cauliflower with deep-fried rice cakes, spam, a house-made yangnyeom sauce topped with cashew snow.

Nacho Dakgalbi (S$28++) features toasted sourdough sandwich paired with gochujang-based sauce marinated chicken stir-fried with leek, chilli, onion, perilla leaves and mozzarella. It is finished with a drizzle of nacho cheese and chives. We also had the refreshing Cobb salad-inspired Smashed Cucumber (S$24++) which was served with cubed Halloumi cheese, onions, tomatoes, soft-boiled egg in a dressing of bean paste and black vinegar.

Prime cuts of red meat and poultry are seasoned with a curated selection of house-made marinades including galbi, chilli gochujang or fermented fish sauce or simply salted as an option. Guests can choose to have them “ssaeng” or unmarinated to savour the natural flavours of the ingredients.

Select from prime cuts such as Tajima Wagyu Ribeye MBS 8 (S$188++ per 280g), USDA Prime New York Striploin (S$158++ per 280g), and Iberico Pluma (S$118++ per 300g). They are served with a side salad and banchan, assorted house-made pickles and kimchi. Enjoy the grilled meat dishes as ssam Korean wraps. Diners will appreciate the quality of the meats here.

Fresh seafood is available on the menu. The grilled Atlantic Red Prawns are marinated with gochujan and served with a salad of fresh greens tossed in house-made dressing of soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, chilli flake and garlic. I enjoyed the smokiness with every bite. Available at S$56++ for 5 pieces.

Try some dishes rich in carbohydrates, like the Sot Bibimbap or the Cinderella Noodles. A cast iron pot of Sot Bibimbap serves up to three people at S$32++ a pot. Korean short grain rice is served with seasonal ingredients including greens and a sunny side up egg with braised meats.

The Cinderella Noodles (S$24++) features cold glass noodles and perilla leaves tossed in gochujang and sesame oil dressing. The aromas in this dish will make you crave for more. Chef Louis named this dish Cinderella Noodles because the glass noodles have the best umami and refreshing acidic flavour just as the dish arrives. Diners are encouraged to polish up the noodles with quick mouthfuls.

The desserts are also as interesting as the mains. Must orders include the Koguma (S$16++). A charcoal roasted sweet potato mixed with cream and whipped into a smooth mouse is served with smoked vanilla ice cream. The Hotteok (S$18++) is a fanciful rendition of Korean rice flour pancake, a popular street snack in Korea. The rice flour pancake is pan-fried and filled with cinnamon and brown sugar. It is served with burnt honey ice cream and mixed nuts.

A selection of alcoholic and zero-proof drinks are available including a comprehensive range of wines and spirits and a curated selection of premium Korean rice wine and beer.

The overall experience here was an enjoyable one and we recommend you gather a few friends of four to six people and come enjoy a convivial gathering while enjoying the Korean fare at GU:UM.


Address 29 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089136
Tel +65 8831 6308
Facebook GUUM.SG
Instagram GUUM.SG

Operating Hours Tuesday to Saturday 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Reservations Sevenrooms or email

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