Ya Ge Crab and Abalone Hot Pot December 2023 promotion

Indulge! End 2023 with Ya Ge’s Exquisite Seafood Hotpot Sets, Showcasing Australian Live Lobster, Abalone, Mud Crab, and Tiger Garoupa

Ya Ge has introduced an indulgent seafood hotpot set dinner featuring lobster, crab, or Tiger Garoupa until the end of 2023. These three hotpot packages start from S$168++ and cater to groups of up to four individuals. In addition to two new soup bases, there is an optional menu supplement in case the ingredients are insufficient.

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Select between the herbal Sugarcane and Bai Mao Gen (imperatae) or the lemongrass and white pepper soup. The Sugarcane and Bai Mao Gen, known for its sweet and cold nature, is a traditional Chinese medicine ingredient that aids in restoring the meridians of the lung, stomach, and bladder. It also serves as a cooling component suitable for Singapore’s warm climate, providing a refreshing and cooling foundation.

Alternatively, the lemongrass and white pepper soup offers a more invigorating and mildly peppery alternative, featuring antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties from the lemongrass.

The S$218++ Australian Live Lobster and South African Abalone set stands out as the epitome of luxury. The lobster, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, copper, and selenium, offers not only a delightful creamy taste but also subtle sweetness. Paired with the buttery flavour of abalone, this set provides a gastronomic delight. The whole piece of fresh South African abalone is sliced for a delightful shabu-shabu experience.

The Live Mud Crab Hotpot is available at S$188++. As shown in the image above, this set showcases the delightful sweetness of crab combined with various seafood components such as scallops, abalones, mussels, live prawns, live lala, handmade cuttlefish paste, and handmade dace fish balls. To enhance the overall richness, the set is complemented with a variety of ingredients, including wild black fungus, baby cabbage, corn, kombu, rice cake, hotpot vermicelli, gluten puff, enoki mushrooms, crispy beancurd skin, bamboo shoots, and broccoli.

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The Tiger Garoupa Set is priced at S$168++ featuring a delicate and sweet fish that is known to contain essential fatty acids and vitamins to nourish the body. Together with the other seafood and ingredients, this set is equally appetising.

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