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Limited Edition Citadelle Vive Le Cornichon Pickle-flavoured Gin Is No April Fool’s Joke

Citadelle Gin has officially unveiled its Citadelle Vive Le Cornichon in the brand new limited edition series on April Fool’s Day. The first edition in the Les Excentriques collection is not April Fool’s joke and was launched with partner bars around the world including 28 HongKong Street where the Old Bedfellow by Elliot, priced at S$25, contains Citadelle Vive Le Cornichon Gin, Jasmine Patchouli, Nigella and Cucumber.

There are only 3,000 such bottles globally and 36 in Singapore with most of the bottles allocated to some bars in Singapore.

<em><sup>Proof Company photo<sup><em>

This savoury pickle-flavoured gin is the brainchild of Alexandre Gabriel and the team at Citadelle Gin as part of a continuing effort to push the boundaries of what a gin can be. Vive Le Cornichon translates to long live pickles. It honours the ingredient and defies the traditional sweet, fruity gin expressions, with its pickle-like notes and a palate of voluptuous, vinegary flavour. Citadelle Vive Le Cornichon is infused with 100% French hand-picked pickles from Maison Marc, a pickle brand well known to lovers of French terroir.

Proof & Company photo
<em><sup>Proof Company photo<sup><em>

Vive Le Cornichon has also been distilled using the patented process of gradual infusion of juniper berries and 19 other botanicals, this time with the saline flavours of the cornichon redefining the juniper-based spirit. It will certainly be exciting to see Vive Le Cornichon being a natural match to savoury cocktails such as a Gibson or a Dirty Martini at the hands of imaginative personalities at bars.

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