MASHI NO MASHI by WAGYUMAFIA Lands in Singapore’s Guoco Midtown with Premium Wagyu Fare

WAGYUMAFIA’s Chef Hisato Hamada opened his first MASHI NO MASHI store in Singapore at Guoco Midtown on 5 April 2024, after opening outlets in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Jeddah. MASHI NO MASHI means more and more and offers premium Wagyu dishes. Even Bruno Mars has dropped by for a meal while in Singapore for his concert earlier this week.

MASHI NO MASHI serves up the finest Kobe and Ozaki beef from the best 20 farms in Japan, offering rich umami flavour and subtle sweetness. It is also Singapore’s first and only restaurant to serve wagyu tsukemen dry noodles with a dipping sauce.

The menu presents four noodle dishes, both soupy and dry, among which the Wagyu Tsukemen (S$30) stands out. This dish features slow-cooked ender Ozaki beef accompanied by bamboo shoots, cabbage, a soft-boiled egg, and whole wheat noodles that remind us of udon. It is served with a flavourful dipping Wagyu bone broth stewed for 24 hours. While the broth might be slightly salty, we suggest trying the noodles with a light dip first and adjusting according to your taste preferences during your dining experience.

The signature Ultra Wagyu Ramen (S$22) is MASHI NO MASHI’s first-ever Fukuoka Hakata-style ramen. Singapore is the brand’s first outpost to feature this permanently on its menu. A three-stage heating process of wagyu bones extracts maximum flavours and aromas for its rich broth. Thinner noodles are used and you have the choice of preferred firmness with five levels to choose from. Finely cut succulent beef chasiu, fresh spring onions, and wood ear mushrooms, complemented by a unique spicy red sauce, enhance the delightful taste of this bowl. I relished the subtle spicy notes. The Ultra Truffle Ramen, priced at S$25, seemed even more delicious, with its well-balanced black truffle sauce that didn’t feel artificial.

Therte are also two Donburis on the menu. The Wagyu Cha Siu Donburi (S$32) is a bowl of Wagyu Chasiu, raw Japanese egg yolk, ginger brief, and Akitakomachi Rice while the Wagyu Kakuni Donburi (S$30) features a sweet soy sauce braised wagyu with soft-boiled egg, daikon, spinach and Akitakomachi rice.

The Dim Sum side dishes are equally mouth-watering. We recommend the siu mai, Sui Gyoza and Wagyu Gyoza. I enjoyed the mouthful of Wagyu chunks in the siu mai while the Wagyu Gyoza (S$8 for 2) is packed with four different cuts of Ozaki beef and minced vegetables. They pair perfectly with a house-made ‘WAGYUSCO’ hot sauce.

Wagyusco offers three distinct sauce varieties. The original hot sauce, Wagyusco Red, boasts a Scoville rating of 20,000 and features a blend of shoyu, habanero, and “kanzuri” Japanese pepper from Niigata prefecture. Additionally, there’s the Yuzu and Black flavor option. The Wagyusco Black, on the other hand, is significantly hotter, registering at a Scoville scale of 3,000,000, making it a hundred times spicier than the standard Wagyusco Red.

The bar serves a variety of cocktails, including Chef Hisato’s unique take on the Singapore Sling, which is refreshing and pleasantly balanced without being overly sweet.

Hokkaido Soft and Banana Brulee are available, that’s if you still have the stomach for desserts.

Mashi no Mashi Singapore is a casual and lively 65-seater restaurant. The mascots Mr and Mrs Mashi, depicted on vibrant neon signage preparing their signature ramen, welcome guests. The design and menu pay homage to Singapore culture.

Every outlet around the world features a local celebrity, and local filmmaker Eric Khoo represents this Singapore outpost. Koo’s 2018 film Ramen Teh inspired an exclusive Wagyu Bak Kut Teh created by Chef Hisato. Eric’s life-size mural is dressed in a bright yellow MASHI NO MASHI T-shirt. The Wagyu Bak Kut Teh, priced at S$30, substitutes the usual pork ribs with Wagyu beef in a homemade broth crafted from Wagyu bones, accompanied by traditional condiments served alongside any Bak Kut Teh dish.

Other Singapore-exclusive dishes such as WAGYU LAKSA and HOKKIEN MEE will be rolled out later in the year.

Merchandise is available for sale.

Mashi no Mashi Singapore

Address 124 Beach Road, #01-04 Guoco Midtown, Singapore 189771
Tel +65 8690 5907
Facebook mashinomashisg
Instagram mashinomashisg

Operating Hours 11am to 9.30pm daily

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