McDonald’s New Cheese Fries With BACON & Angus Mushroom Supreme

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Angus Mushroom Supreme burger McDonald's Singapore review

The all new limited time only Angus Mushroom Supreme burger

For a limited time only, McDonald’s had just launched a new Signature Collection burger, the Angus Mushroom Supreme, made with it’s 100% real Angus beef patty with no fillers and no additives. Complete your meal with Cheesy Loaded Fries that’s topped with crispy chicken bacon bits, doused with nacho cheese and sour cream sauce. We’ve tried it and it’s so good… you will wanna have more.

Other than the Angus beef patty, the Angus Mushroom Supreme is complemented with grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions, and crisp lettuce, drizzled with herb aioli and sandwiched between the sesame bun. It is one of the BEST MUSHROOM BURGER in town right now! With that right balance of fresh crispy lettuce and savoury mushroom goodness with every bite.

Chicken Bacon Cheese Fries McDonald's Singapore review

You have to complete your experience with the Cheesy Loaded Fries

The Angus Mushroom Supreme Extra Value Meal served with Cheesy Loaded Fries and small Coke are available from S$9.30. The burger is also available a la carte from S$6.70. Price defers for individual outlets and while stocks last.

Angus Mushroom Supreme burger McDonald's Singapore review

Angus Mushroom Supreme and the Original Angus

he Original Angus, features that same thick, juicy 100% Angus beef patty enveloped between two slices of flavourful, melty cheese and slivered onions. Topped with the classic ketchup and pickles combo, all sandwiched between aromatic glazed buns.



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  1. But the quarter pounder is now gone!

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