Mekhong Cocktails for Singapore Cocktail Festival 2019

Kitiphum (Ponn) Karnmaitrejit outside Neon Pigeon, Singapore on 25 April 2019

Kitiphum Karnmaitrejit who is commonly known as Ponn is Mekhong’s mixologist. He creates cocktail recipes with Mekhong rum for ThaiBev and does guest shifts around Thailand and South East Asia.

At the bar trying out Ponn’s cocktials (Mekhong photo)
Neon Pigeon Dining and Bar
Neon Pigeon

On 25 April this year, Ponn was at Neon Pigeon where invited guests of the My Pick event got to try three of his cocktails and voted their favourites by ranking them to determine which cocktail will eventually be served during Singapore Cocktail Festival 2019.

Guests got to try three of Ponn’s cocktails – Mekhong Thai Sabai, a multi-layered and spirit forward Mekhong Midnight with a pinch of roasted sticky rice and Mekhong Essence.

The Mekhong Thai Sabai was voted the most popular. It is the signature drink of Thailand and made with Mekhong, fresh lime juice, Thai sweet basil leaves and a splash of soda water. It is well balanced with a sour-sweet taste as well as fruity and herbal notes.

Mekhong Thai Sabai will be available during Singapore Cocktail Festival 2019 at Jim Thompson (45 Minden Road, Dempsey Hill, Singapore 248817) from 10 to 18 May 2019.

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