Noodles – A Cozy Noodle Bar at Orchard Hotel Singapore

Signature Abalone Noodles
Signature Abalone Noodles


20 September 2012, Singapore – Noodles, an open kitchen noodles specialty bar, is hidden in a small cozy corner of Orchard Hotel Singapore. The noodle menu created by award winning Masterchef Chan Kwok of Hua Ting Restaurant ensures diners will indulge in a bowl of  premium and authentic Cantonese noodles that have an affordable price tag. A bowl of noodles range between S$12.90 to S$15.80, depending on the type of meat you choose for your noodle.  You have a choice of Whole Premium Abalone (S$15.80), Fresh Scallops (S$13.80), Tiger Prawns (S$13.80), Soya Chicken (S$12.80) & many more.

Noodles at Orchard Hotel
Noodles at Orchard Hotel Singapore


There are three specialty noodles : Handmade Noodles, Thin Egg Noodles or E-Fu Noodles and my personal favourite is the Handmade Noodles which is thick and spongy while it is still able to absorb the rich flavours of the Chef’s signature Abalone gravy when served dry. For soup noodles, it will be served in Superior Chicken Soup which is clear, tasty and not oily.

Do check with the staff on the monthly special menu as well. For the month of September, the Special is Sliced Fish Soup with Bean Noodles which is a transparent and bouncy noodle not on the daily menu. It pairs well with the clear and light fish broth which is Adrian’s personal favourite.

Choose your noodles
Choose your noodles


If that big bowl of noodle is not enough for you, Noodles also served up side dishes like, Stew Beef Brisket (S$6), Stewed Pig’s Trotter in Fermented Beancurd (S$6) & Vegetable in Oyster Sauce (S$3.50). I especially like that extra collagen from the Pig’s Trotter which is savoury and juicy. The dessert of the Day costs only S$3 for those who have a sweet tooth.

The noodles served at Noodles are so authentic and tasty that even the hotel staff are willing to dine-in during their lunch breaks.  Give Noodles a try if you are looking for quality food in a quick meal. Noodles opens daily from 11am to 10pm at Orchard Hotel Singapore.

Drooling side dishes
Tasty side dishes
Dessert ofthe  Day - Tou Suan with Yu Tiao
Dessert of the Day – Tau Suan with Crispy Yu Tiao


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