Pukka Herbs range of teas available in Singapore

Organic UK-based Pukka Herbs Tea Are Readily Available in Singapore

Pukka Herbs from the UK have brought their teas to Singapore and are now readily available in Singapore from Cold Storage & FairPrice, as well as online from Redmart and FairPrice On at a reasonable S$7.90 for a box.

They are the folks with a regenerative strategy and a mission to inspire people to lead a more conscious life through the power of plants through regenerative organic agriculture, herbal health & wellbeing revolution and force for good.

These herbal teas are made with 100% certified, organic and ethically sourced ingredients. It is the company’s philosophy to be sustainable. Even the colourful box is made from fully recycled paper.

Pukka Teas are Available in Singapore
Pukka Teas are Available in Singapore

Eight variants from the six ranges of Relax, Immunity, Digestif, Greens, Cleansing and Turmeric are available in Singapore.

Not sure which to pick. Here’s a quick guide:

LoveChamomile, elderflower, lavender, licorice, limeflower, marigold and rose.Soothing to ease emotional tension and induce a sense of calm.
Three MintFinely chopped spearmint, field mint and peppermint. Aids digestion and helps refresh your palate.
Three ChamomileEgyptian, Croatian and Hungarian organic chamomile flowers This Relax range tea is supposed to bring a wave of tranquillity to your soul. Can help you sleep better.
Feel NewA blend of organic aniseed fennel seed, cardamom pod, liquorice root, coriander seed and turmeric rootThis Digestif range tea helps to nudge you awake after meals.
Superme Matcha GreenPure emerald Matcha powder blended with three whole leaf greens including Chinese Sencha, Indian Oothu and Vietnamese Suoi Gang.Boosts energy for a refreshing start to the day. Belongs to the Cleansing range.
Turmeric GoldBlend of organic turmeric, lemon fruit, cardamom and whole leaf green tea. Feel renewed with this Turmeric range tea which showcases the vast benefits of the herbal root as an antioxidant and anti-inflamatory. Turmeric supports liver health and function at all stages of the liver’s detoxing process.
Elderberry & EchinaceaPurple-black elderberries and inky blackcurrants and elderflower and echinacea herbs. This Immunity range tea is formulated to help both acute and long-term immunity issues using plant-sourced organic ingredients.

Elderberry binds to viruses to stop them from multiplying and spreading. It contains high levels of natural vitamin C. It supports the immune system and soothes the throat.

Echinacea contains alkamides and polysaccharides and is antiviral. Echinacea was used for infections traditionally.
Night TimeMade with organic oat flower, soothing lavender and silky-sweet limeflower.This Relax range tea helps you to naturally relax and unwind, easing you into a restful sleep.

My favourite blends are the Turmeric as well as the Elderberry & Echinacea.

And to showcase these herbal teas, Unilever invited us for a staycation at the Oasia Downton Hotel in end June where they shared the background of Pukka Herb teas as well as how they are harvested together with activities such as scented candle making, a tea-infused and pairing dinner and morning yoga.

A dinner where the chef from OSO Ristorante, an Italian restaurant at the top level of the hotel, was curated specially for us to show the versatility of the teas used to prepare and pair with food.

Natural sandstone rock sparkling water infused with Pukka Elderberry & Echinacea topped with an orange zest beetroot roasted cake. - OSO Ristorante
Natural sandstone rock sparkling water infused with Pukka Elderberry Echinacea topped with an orange zest beetroot roasted cake OSO Ristorante

A natural sandstone rock sparkling water infused with Pukka Elderberry & Echinacea topped with an orange zest beetroot roasted cake was served as the welcome drink before chef served out the appetisers.

One could taste the summer freshness from the sea bass tartar marinated in Pukka Feel New and Jelly, fennel salad and seeds. The green pea soup was prepared with Pukka Three Mint. Then came an angel hair pasta with Parmigiano cheese and Pukka Supreme Matcha Green that was paired with tea of the same blend. The main course was a steamed codfish in crust of Pukka Turmeric Gold sitting on cauliflower puree.

Dessert was a platter of three small bites – Milk Gelato coated with Pukka Night Time, Pukka Three Chamomile infused Panna Cotta and First Natural Pink Chocolate Mousse infused with Pukka Love, Pink Pepper paired with Pukka Love tea.

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