Quailia by Forged by Vow, A new subspecies of Japanese Quail.

Forged by Vow, pioneers in cultured meat, have created an entirely new subspecies of animal, Quailia, solely for the purpose of eating. The team of scientists at Forged took a small sample of cells from a Japanese quail, and the cells identified as contributing to taste and texture were isolated. The cells were moved to a bioreactor, a stainless steel tank that emulates the natural growth conditions for these cells, facilitating multiplication. Once mature, they are crafted into a delectable creation.

Forged Parfait is created out of Quailia. This very first product from Forged is the world’s first cultured parfait. The flavours and texture combination is both rich in umami and delicate with a unique lightness that melts in your mouth. Forged Parfait made its global debut last week at Mandala Club.

Singapore Food Authority has officially approved Forged Parfait which will soon be available through exclusive channels.

Forged Parfait is available to taste for a limited time at Mandala Club’s intimate MORI from 12 to 27 April. Enjoy a seven-course omakase menu featuring Forged Parfait, curated by MORI’s Head Chef Chun Hong La and Forged Chef Adem Kurcan. The set menu with alcoholic beverage pairings is priced at S$289++ and S$258++ for the non-alcoholic drink pairing. Click here to book.

Highlights of the decadent seven-course menu include a savoury cannoli filled with Forged Parfait and served with Black Pea caviar, the ‘Hokkaido Wagyu Sando’ – a milk bun topped with A5 Hokkaido Wagyu and Forged Parfait, and the signature ‘Forged Brûlée – Forged Parfait layered with muscat jelly, brandy and vanilla-soaked morels, finished with hardened caramelised sugar. 

 “Forged is proud to be leading the world in food innovation. We’ve always been focused on creating entirely new experiences instead of reproducing existing products and flavours. With cultured meat, the possibilities are infinite and allow for endless creativity, yet there’s never been an animal crafted to serve no other purpose than to be the most delicious.” 

George Peppou, CEO of Vow, parent company of Forged

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