Seoul In A Sandwich Offers Hearty Seoulful Takeaways

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Seoul in a Sandwich at Basement 1 Century Square

Seoul in a Sandwich at Basement 1 Century Square

Century Square has recently opened earlier this month after a nine-month renovation. Basement One now offers many food and beverage options including Seoul in a Sandwich, a takeaway deli by Zingrill Holdings Pte Ltd, which also manages the Seoul Garden Group for the past 35 years with presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar and Brunei.

Seoul In A Sandwich open in Century Square

Seoul In A Sandwich open in Century Square

Enjoy Korean fillings in western bread. That’s the concept in a gist right here at Seoul in a Sandwich. The menu offers a plethora of choices for those who love Korean food.

At the media tasting, I had a mouthful of the Army Stew-wich which is priced at a reasonable S$8.50. A mess to eat, but absolutely delightful. The dry version of the popular Army Stew that is filled with copious amounts of noodles, luncheon meats and many other ingredients. This sandwich comes with chicken sausages and luncheon meat, Topokki slices, kimchi, army stew sauce, daikon slaw and sliced cheese to hold down the ingredients to a ciabatta. That’s a whole mouthful of flavours to take in. But make sure you are seated or not walking around when biting into this sandwich just because it is filled with a whole lot of ingredients. Be warned. It can get messy! But it is all worth it.

The Bulgogi Cheesesteak (S$8.50) contains a mix of sauteed peppers and onions, grilled bulgogi beef slices, shredded mozzarella cheese. Looks appetising if you love onions. Unfortunately, I am allergic to bell peppers, so I had to give this a miss.

The Kimchi Prawn Cocktail Focaccia (S$7.50) was surprisingly refreshing even though it is served cold. The toasted Foccacia is filled with mesclun salad, chopped Asian pears, Mayonnaise, chopped kimchi, gochu garu and topped with boiled shrimps.

Seoul Street Toast

Seoul Street Toast


A rendition of the all-time favourite Ham & Cheese sandwich, the Seoul Street Toast (S$6.50) features ham, sliced cheese and an omelette of cabbage, onions, carrots and egg sandwiched in White Toast.

Other sandwiches featured in Seoul in A Sandwich’s menu include the Soy garlic chicken sandwich, Ssamjang chicken sandwich or Gochujang Egg Mayo Sandwich. Enjoy a cup of Kimchi Chicken Soup. Their selection of pear quince tea, honey citron tea and aloe tea are great to end of your meal.

Seoul in A Sandwich is located at B1-23 Century Square, 2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore 529509.

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