Should You Get the Nespresso Barista Maker

The Nespresso Barista Maker recently made its debut in Nespresso Boutiques here in Singapore with a price tag of S$348. With such a high price tag that costs more than most of the Nespresso coffee machines, I was curious why this recipe maker was this expensive given that you still require a Nespresso Coffee Machine to dispense coffee.

This 1.7kg machine can make hot and cold beverages and including a Cold Nitro, Hot Chocolate or Hot Milk. With this space-saving recipe maker, you wouldn’t need to get a separate milk frother.

Connect My Barista to Nespresso Mobile App

A lot of technology is incorporated into this machine. So it needs electricity for it to work. The Barista Maker even allows you to connect it to your Android or iPhone with an initial self serve setup through the Nespresso Mobile App. Once connected to your smartphone, you will be able to watch instructional videos for your first use, tips to prepare chocolate-based recipes, cold recipes as well as how to prepare cappuccino.

Choose the recipe for your drink from the app and follow the instructions. Each recipe also features recommended coffee to make your recipe with, if required. You still have to manually click on the start button on the machine after you close the lid. You can also programme your favourite recipes in the Barista Maker’s menu so you can still make your drinks without your smartphone.

The Barista Maker uses an induction system to heat the ingredients uniformly to prepare the recipe and professional milk froth quality.

We were exceptionally thrilled when we made our first cup of Hot Chocolate. Just added 100ml fresh cold milk and some dark chocolate. Whilst we haven’t found the right chocolate bar to make our best Hot Chocolate, at least we can continue to experiment with different types of chocolate bars, the next time we make another cuppa.

While there are recipes to guide you, my advice is to experiment and be adventurous. Find that recipe that no one else has created and share it with friends and family who visit. And if you do not already own a Nespresso coffee machine, the Nespresso Barista Maker can also work with coffee made by any other methods.

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