Sopra Cucina and Bar - PORCHEDDU SARDO S$48

Quaint and Intimate Sopra Cucina & Bar

Sopra Cucina and Bar - Biscotto Di Pecorino

Enter Sopra Cucina & Bar and be transported to post-war Italy. The dark and quaint ambiance sets the mood for an intimate Italian experience, with authentic cuisine from different regions of Italy. The cozy booths and tables are well spaced out so it is ideal for a quiet evening with your partner, or even for business dinners. The layout of the restaurant also allows you to cordon off a nice area for a casual company outing. 

Sopra has a large pasta and pizza menu, plus a good range of starters, sides, salads, soups and mains.  

Biscotto Di Pecorino (S$22). Cheese, made from sheep’s milk, is stuffed into Sardinian flat bread and drizzled with honey. Sardinian flat bread is thin and hard like a cracker, and it has to be treated with olive oil before it can be folded and baked. Served sizzling hot, the toasted bread with soft cheese and sweet honey is truly a great way to start the meal. 

Sopra Cucina and Bar - Pizza
Pizza Sopra S$28

Pizza Sopra (S$28 for 9”). This is a good classic pizza to share since it is light with just tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, olive oil and oregano. The thin crust is sufficiently firm with enough bite and not annoyingly thin that it crumbles with one bite. Sopra uses top of the range equipment to ensure that the pizza is cooked evenly throughout, though we personally like some uneven burnt parts. 

Sopra Cucina and Bar - PORCHEDDU SARDO S$48

Porcheddu Sardo (S$48). Sopra’s menu direction to add more Sardinian dishes must cumulate at this traditional Sardinian suckling pig. Roasted with herbs till the skin is crispy and aromatic, and its flesh tender and chewy. Some parts are a little gamey so try it together with a pinch of the rosemary garnishing. Pork lovers must try this. 


Sopra Cucina and Bar - Fregola Ai Fruitti De Mare S$31
Fregola Ai Fruitti De Mare S$31

Fregola Ai Fruitti De Mare (S$30). Bouncy Semolina pasta with seafood in homemade seafood sauce. The unique pasta texture is definitely something new to us. Coupled with the fresh seafood and savoury tomato-based sauce, it is very heartwarming. It might be a little salty but goes perfectly well with a nice cup of wine. 

Sopra Cucina and Bar - Cannoli S$10

Desserts include Cannoli (S$10), a pastry filled with ricotta, chocolate and candied orange; and Tiramisu (S$10). 


Sopra Cucina and Bar - TIRAMISU S$10


Sopra Cucina & Bar is located at Pan Pacific Orchard, 10 Claymore Road, Singapore 229540. For reservations, call +65 6737 3253

Sopra Cucina operates Mondays 5pm – 12am, Tuesdays to Sundays 11.30am – 12am. Ladies Night every Wednesday 7pm to 9pm, Free flow of prosecco for S$25

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