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Sumatra Gayo SOE now available at Luckin Coffee

Luckin Coffee has launched the Luckin Black Cup Sumatra Gayo series at all its outlets in Singapore starting from S$5.60 a cup in four variations of Americano, Latte, Flat White and Dirty. The Single Origin Espresso (SOE) is hand-picked and crafted under the guidance of the World Barista Championship champions team.

Luckin Coffee’s Sumatra Gayo SOE beans crafted using traditional Indonesian wet hulling methods
Luckin Coffees Sumatra Gayo SOE beans are crafted using traditional Indonesian wet hulling methods

Sumatra Gayo is from elevations between 1200 and 1800 metres in the Aceh Gayo region of Sumatra, Indonesia, and is celebrated as the “Treasure of the Tropical Rainforest.” This region, which features fertile vocanic sol and a warm, humid climate, is part of Luckin Coffee’s Global Bean Hunting initiative.

Last month, we attended a session conducted by the 2023 WBC Champion and Luckin’s newest Chief Coffee Master, Mr. Boram Um to learn about Luckin Coffee’s SOE creations – from bean to cup. Mr. Um is from a family of coffee plantation owners in Brazil. We were taught the art of professional cupping to explore the flavours of three Luckin Coffee’s SOE beans, such as the fruity and floral notes of Gesha, the complexity of Hambella and the rich, velvety texture of Sumatra Gayo.

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