Tiger Crystal

Tiger Crystal – A New Refreshing and Easy-To-Drink Beer

Tiger Crystal

2 December 2010, Singapore – Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS) launches a new variant of Tiger Beer targeting the modern-day discerning beer drinker – Tiger Crystal.  I tasted it today and it is a lighter version of the original Tiger Beer with an alcohol level of 4.3% by volume.  The same robust flavour of a full-bodied brew provides a smooth and velvety palate followed by a clean aftertaste when consumed.  It will be available in bars and clubs around Singapore.

Tiger Crystal is made with the finest hops from the United States and high quality malted barley and yeast rom Europe.  The difference between the original version and Tiger Crystal is its unique brewing technique known as “Cold Suspension”. The brew is filtered at a cold temperature of -1 degrees celsius, preserving the most desired flavours and rich aromas.

The brew is encased in a 300ml crystal-clear flint glass showing off the beer exuding a refreshing appearance.  I overheard someone mentioning that finally they can see what’s inside the bottle!

Tiger Crystal

Emcee Vivien Tan explains to the media and guests about the new Tiger Crystal

Michael Chin, GM of Asia Pacific Breweries on the new Tiger Crystal

The Entertainment for the event

Beer fans can sample Tiger Crystal at a few locations:

1. From 20 to 27 December 2010 : Clark Quay Central Fountain

2. From 20 December to 1 January 2011 :  A Specially constructed Crystal Dome housing a special camera allowing you to take panoramic photos of yourself and the surroundings at Read Bridge at Clark Quay.  These images will appear as if they were taken through a Tiger Crystal bottle and will be uploaded on the Tiger Crystal Facebook community page for you to tag yourself.

3. From 28 December to 17 January 2011 :  The Tiger Crystal Pop-Up Bar will be offering samples of Tiger Crystals to shoppers over the festive period at Wisma Atria.


Tiger Crystal - Three Bottle Background

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