Viva La Mexico! Make it a Tequila Night at One-Ninety Bar and Alfresco

February 2011, Singapore – First produced in the 16th-century by Aztecs and later made famous by the Spanish conquistadors, today Tequila is world-renowned. Four Seasons Hotel Singapore’s One-Ninety Bar & Alfresco invites you to celebrate Mexico’s greatest creation till end February.

Created in the town of Tequila, which lies in the Northwest of Guadalajara and in the Highlands of the western Mexico it was originally harvested by the ancient Aztec Indians of South America from a blue Agave plant, and is still fermented near the same red volcanic soil. The production of the drink is the sole property of the Mexico, the Mexican government and its people.

Learn about the five types of Tequila categories by Tequila tasting your way through the ‘blanco’ (white) or the ‘plata’ (silver) which are un-aged spirits bottled soon after distillation, the ‘joven’ (young) or the ‘oro’ (gold) which uses caramel as a flavouring to smoothen down the after taste, the ‘reposado’ (rested) aged for two months or the ‘anejo’ (aged or vintage) aged for a minimum of a year.

One-Ninety Bar & Alfresco invites you to join ‘One for One’ every night from 8:00pm to 10:00pm until February 28th 2011. At S$18.00++ per person, enjoy the signature cocktails exclusively created for your tasting pleasure. Try drinks such as the Tequila Sunrise, the Margarita, the Mexicola or the Mexican Kiss.

An à la carte drink selection menu is also available with prices starting by the glass from S$16.00++ and by the bottle $200++.

For reservations, please contact One-Ninety Bar & Alfresco at Tel: (65) 6831 7671.

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