1-for-1 Japanese Wagyu A5 Ribeye on Wednesdays at Yak Kin Thai-Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant in Jalan Riang

Yak Kin! Singapore’s first Thai-Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant has opened in the residential neighbourhood of Jalan Riang. Yak Kin! means Want to Eat in Thai and is a play on the Japanese word Yaki which means to cook over direct heat.

Enjoy good quality meats and seafood here in a relaxed casual environment. You can come here in shorts and a tee shirt, and no one is going to judge. Set platters for two such include Buta Set Platter comes with thick bacon steak, pork jowl, Thai-style pork neck and pork collar is available at S$42.80. Other sets include the Gyu and Buta Set Platter, Gyu Set Platter, Mixed Set Platter, Premium Mixed Set Platter and Premium Gyu Set Platter amongst others. There are also ala carte selections of Beef, Pork, Chicken and seafood.

There are three sauces to choose from. The Nam Jim Jaew is an Isaan-style Thai chilli dipping sauce that is usually served with grilled meat. The Nam Jim Talay is a green spicy dipping sauce for seafood but can be as addictive for meats. The Sweet Seasame Yakiniku Tare is a Japanese dipping sauce for grilled meats.

Enjoy marinated meats with dipping sauces as well as a selection of sake to go with the dishes. Try the Kiku-Masamune Hannari Matha No Sake. It’s made with high-grade Uji Matcha from Kyoto.

A selection of starters and salads are also available to pair with your BBQ meats and seafood.

@superadrianme BBQ huge sashimi grade Oysters 🦪😍 at S$3 each. Happening on Thursdays at YAK KIN Thai Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant. Located at 15 Jalan Riang in Serangoon. Beef starts from S$9.80. Marinated Raw Octopus is S$6.80 and Fried Japanese River Shrimps is S$8.80. #sgfoodie #tiktokfoodie #comfortfood #shotoniphone #tiktoksg #wheretoeat #bbq #seafood #beef #oyster #food #foodie #yakiniku ♬ original sound – SUPERADRIANME

There are day-specific promotions that are equally tempting. Enjoy 50% off prawns on Prawn Mondays, or Thai Marinated Pork Neck Tuesdays let you enjoy 50% off Thai-style Pork Neck. Wagyu Wednesdays offer 1-for-1 Japanese Wagyu A5 Ribieye Yakiniku. Oyster lovers should come on Thursdays for large Sashimi-grade oysters served Thai-style at S$3 per piece limited to six per person. These oysters are usually priced at S$5.80 per piece. These are served Thai-style with spring onions and fried shallots dipped in Thai Seafood Sauce. You can have it raw or warmed over the grill.

Donburis are offered during lunch from S$9.80.

Yak Kin! is located at 15 Jalan Riang, Singapore 378987 and is open daily from 12 pm to 11 pm. Call +65 8769 3788 for reservations or more info⁣⁣⁣.

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