Backjoy For Better Posture And Back Pain Relief

1 October 2011, Singapore – Many people suffer from lower back pain these days.  We are leading sedentary lifestyles these days and probably spend a large percentage of our time sitting in front of our computers.    Backjoy Orthotic recently launched a portable back orthotic product in Singapore this month.

If you are suffering from ailments such as arthritis, lower back pain, compressed discs, sciatica, osteoporosis, back pressure and tightness, BackJoy is something affordable that you can consider to help reduce the pain and discomfort.

The device is portable, lightweight and easy to use compared to other types of back relief products in the market which tend to be complicated to use and expensive.

It is important that you find the source of your back problems, assess and control the source and support your back properly.  Using a support that eliminates posterior pelvic tilt can significantly help to reduce postural imbalance at its source.  Implementing the right postural support with fitness activities can significantly reduce the risks of low back problems in future.

The BackJoy is made of aerospace quality copolymer polypropylene plastic.  It can withstand long-term usage and maintains its shape and flexibility after repeated use, allowing two or more individuals to easily share one BackJoy.

BackJoy is available at Guardian Pharmacy at S$64.90 inclusive of GST in two options:

  • BackJoy Relief – Available in Black, this product is suitable for mature users who already have back problems (usually 55 and over
  • BackJoy Posture+ – Available in Black, Sea Blue, Orange and Red, this product is suitable for younger adults for prevention.  It is made of harder material and also easier to clean.

I have tried the BackJoy Posture+ for a couple of weeks.  It is comfortable to sit on.  I actually do not feel that I am sitting on something else.   At an affordable price point, try it out even if you’re feeling skeptical.


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