Amy Cheng with her Mum

Mothers’ Day Special – Amy Cheng Shares What Mothers’ Day Means To Her

Amy Cheng with her Mum
Amy Cheng with her Mum


11 May 2012, Singapore – We spoke with multi talented Fly Entertainment artiste, actress, host and singer Amy Cheng about what Mothers’ Day means to her.    She had lead roles in films such as Vivid, Stories About Love, Magic Garden, Love Anthology Series, Stage to Screen: Machine, Life: To Olympia … with Love to name a few.   She also hosted Mom On Demand on Mio TV, My Perfect Child and Educational Programmes previously.    She was part of the ensemble for Forbidden City, Army Daze, Letters from Home while playing the lead in Confessions of Three Unmarried Woman, Footsteps in the Night I & II, Theatre Idols SleepWalkers and Theatre Idols Coffin Capers.


What does Mothers’ Day mean to you?

Mothers’ Day is a day for all children to honor the person who has given them life and nurtured them with love. For the older ones, it is also about letting go of any issues they may have with their mothers!

What do you think is the best gift for mum

Best gift for mum is anything that comes from the heart – a hug and a kiss is are always welcome, maybe a burnt toast too :).

This year what are your plans for Mothers’ Day?

I’ll be skyping with my children from Perth.

Amy Cheng with her mum and kids
Amy Cheng with her mum and kids

Being a mum, what would you like your child to do for you on Mothers’ day or any other day?

What I want from my children not only for Mothers’ Day but for all days, is a close, loving bond and friendship. This requires my efforts too.

Tell us more about the work you do or any current projects and how you juggle that with spending time with the family.

Amy: I am currently pursuing a postgrad course in education in Perth and fly home to be with my family at least once every month. It is a challenging period, the two most important skills I am developing now is being organised and appreciating every moment I have with my family.


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