Robinsons Mothers' Day Gift Registry

Robinsons Offers Mothers’ Day Online Gift Registry

Robinsons Mothers' Day Gift Registry
Robinsons Mothers Day Gift Registry

9 May 2012, Singapore – This mothers’ day, Robinsons is offering mums a gift registry at  for them to pre-determine the types of gifts they would prefer to receive and share with their loved ones.   A common concept in America, the gift registry system has not seem to become so popular yet here.  This is the first time Robinsons is offering this service to customers.

Every year, during mothers’ day, husbands, sons and daughters probably have been scratching their heads for a perfect gift for mum.    Often times these random hits and misses would mean the gifts are not what mum wants.   With this in mind, Robinsons hopes that by offering this registry, mums can receive what their hearts desire. Mums can choose from Robinsons’ extensive range of products from the microsite and then share the selection through Facebook.   Purchase of the items, unfortunately, cannot be done online.  You would still need to head down to a physical Robinsons store to pick up and pay the items.

The microsite will remain ‘live’ till 18 May 2012.



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