Mrs Singapore Queen of Hope - Sherrine Teoh

Mothers’ Day Special – Mrs Singapore Queen of Hope 2012 Sherrine Teoh

Mrs Singapore Queen of Hope 2012
Mrs Singapore Queen of Hope 2012

11 May 2012, Singapore – In the month of May, is running a special dedicated to mothers. We speak to Sherrine Teoh, winner of Mrs Singapore Queen of Hope 2012 who is also a mother of two.

Sherrine Teoh is the founder of the Image Consulting Firm, IMAGE & YOU.  She is a certified image and etiquette consultant and holds the position as the Vice President (Education) for the Association of Image Consultants International.  Married for 8 years, Sherrine is a mother of two girls, aged one and three years old. Prior to becoming an image consultant, Sherrine worked as a flight attendant and was also a model.

Mrs Singapore Queen of Hope 2012 - Sherrine Teoh
Sherrine Teoh and her family

As a Mrs Singapore winner, Sherrine wants to inspire married women to step out of their comfort zone and create a memorable chapter in their life.

What do you usually do to celebrate Mother’s Day… as a mother yourself as well as with your own mother/mother-in-law?

Sherrine: We usually gather the whole family, with my sisters and their families, for a nice dinner out.  We would then toast to all the mummies in the family!  Last year was special as we participated in a competition by writing in how great our mother is.  Our entry was selected and we had to prepare a dish on stage.  My mum and me prepared a healthy yoghurt which we mixed ourselves with butter coated pan-fried oats and banana simmered in honey and sugar.  The judges loved it and we got 2nd with the rest of the family cheering for us from the floor!


What are the qualities of a good mother and which of these qualities do you display more prominently to your children?

Sherrine: The qualities of a good mother would be setting a good example of the values she wants to instill in her children and giving them the love, time and support to enable them to grow up as a confident person.  Yes, I do consciously make sure I display good habits or behaviour in front of my children as they learn negative habits real fast!  What would be more prominently practiced would be the amount of time I try to commit to be with them; to play together, sleep together, read together and tell them where I will be going and when I will be back if I’m not around.  I want them to know that I am there whenever they need me.

How has life changed after winning Mrs Singapore?

Sherrine: After winning Mrs Singapore 2012, my schedule has become busier as I not only want to give thanks to those who had supported me during the pageant but also I wish to use this platform as Mrs Singapore to accomplish more things that can aspire women, especially those married with children.  I am planning for more workshops for ladies on managing their image, looking good for themselves and even have conversations with people around, on my journey from a nurturing mother to an inspiring one!

Any words of inspiration for mothers?

Sherrine: I believe in living life to the fullest!  This is more so for mothers who have been devoting their time, effort and love to their beloved family.  We should move away from the image that mothers should look ‘motherly’.  I like all the mothers out there to step out and create a memorable chapter in their life, however big or small.  While they balance their family life, they should take baby steps and start doing something for themselves.  It can be to look better, to start a small business, to join a competition, start a blog or take up diving etc.

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