Maddie Cox and Mum

Elite Model Singapore’s Maddie Cox Talks About Her Mum

Maddie Cox and Mum
Maddie Cox Right with her mum Photo provided by Maddie

30 May 2012, Singapore – Earlier this month we spoke to Elite Singapore model Maddie Cox.  Maddie first made it to the Singapore fashion scene in last year’s Elite Model Look .  Maddie was in Singapore for Blueprint where she walked the runway.

As part of’s dedication to mums in the month of May, we asked Maddie to give us an intimate insight to her relationship with her mum.

Maddie Cox Winning Blueprint Runway Model at Elite Model Look Singapore 2012


How do you usually spend Mothers’ Day?

MC: Making sure my mother does as little as possible! and making sure she feels appreciated and loved.


What do you think would be the best gift for mum?

MC: I think that something from the heart is best because it shows how much you care and it shows the effort you went into to get it.


What would you get you mum this year?

MC: This year i think i will take her out to one of her favorite restaurants, she loves surprises! Also of course a lovely bouquet of flowers.


Do you have any other siblings?

MC: I would love to have siblings but I am the only child. However I do have a dog that I consider to be my sister sometimes.   She loves the camera!


Could you share with us more about your mum?

MC: My mum is a really big-hearted person who loves company and interacting with people.  She has a big passion for jewellery and she designs and sells her pieces.  She also donates it to a charity called operation smile where it is auctioned off to raise money for children’s clef lips to be operated on.


What have you been up to since Elite Model Look Singapore?

MC: I’ve been laying low and focusing on my school work.  During a short break, I interned with a fashion designer and helped around at her office.  I have been awaiting this trip back to Singapore with lots of excitement.

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