A view from 30,000 feet above ground

At a recent trip in Hadyai , I was fascinated by the sunset, clouds and view from over 30,000 feet from ground level whilst enroute back to Singapore Changi Airport from AirAsia‘s Low Cost Carrier Terminal in Kuala Lumpur.  During check in,  I requested to be seated at row 29 next to the window so that I had a view of the wing and wouldn’t be disturbed by the other passengers while I snapped away!

The journey starts here as we taxi away for take off at KUL (LCCT).  Armed with my Canon 500D, I was prepared to be glued to the window since my my travel companions (SMASHPOP, AKIRACEO and MENAJANG) from Hat Yai had split ways when we landed at the LCCT from HDY hours before.



Kuala Lumpur view from AirAsia flight enroute to Singapore


And finally, during the approach and landing in Singapore, here’s the video. I hope you enjoyed this blog post.  Do comment and let me now what you think.



  1. Amazing that you captured or created your own rainbow of colours. Ah… that is how the plane lands!

  2. wheres my faceeeeeeee 😛

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