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March 2010, Singapore – Recently in 2010, I’ve learnt to make do with the “camera” that I always carry with me most hours of each day – that’ll be my iPhone!  Getting my inspiration from a friend who’s a fellow iPhone user, I’ve learnt the beauty of the iPhone, be it a 3G or 3Gs (or now 4 and possibly 5 in the near future)!

With the help of apps which are plenty from iTunes, the first of a series of blogs regarding Photo apps for iPhone, today I’ll share about moreMono.

moreMono is a FREE photo editing application designed for iPhone 3G/3GS. It converts your photo to monotone and preserves the red tone to give a strong and dramatic look! In simple terms, this means that Red objects are more Red and all other dark-coloured objects blackened and light-coloured objects whitened.

moreMono is developed by the More-thing Company Limited which has developed other iPhone camera apps.

Check out the iPhone screen shots from downloading the app.

Below are some photos that I have taken and processed through moreMono.  What I usually do is take a photo with the camera app that comes with my iPhone.  I will then use moreMono to treat the photo.  With the help of Photoshop Mobile app, I would treat the photo by adjusting the Exposure and Contrast to produce the finished product.

Download moreMono today and you will be having lots of fun that I have been enjoying!

ION Orchard with Chinese New Year message on the visual wall. This photo was stitched by another iPhone application called AutoStitch.


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