Korean Air Travel Photo Contest is Back 13 July 2018

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Canon EOS M50 in black or white (Canon photo)

Showcase your memorable moments in the 25th Korean Air Travel Photo Contest. Submit photos by 20 August 2018 featuring your travels anywhere in the world, beautiful scenery, nature and shots depicting people’s lives in different parts of country.

There are two categories this year. The General Awards are for photographs that capture the photographers most memorable travel moment. The Special Awards are themed ‘Go Beyond’ and you should submit extraordinary photos that show a new perspective or challenge that transcends the conventional.

Photos submitted must be previously unpublished work globally. Submit your photos through the contest website, by post or personally deliver to Korean Air’s Seoul office.


The 25th Korean Air Travel Photo Contest


  1. Thandar Soe says:

    Hello, Korean Air Travel Photo Contest

    I am Thunder Soe ( Woman Photographer from Myanmar ). I was a Gold Prize Winner in Korean Air Travel Photo Contest in 2012. I attended on you’re awarding ceremony in 2012 and your organization were invited to me. Thank you for everything for the previous activities and happy so much in Korea.

    Now, I want to try and enter your contest again. But I can’t click your enter contest button. So that could you reply to me something about that to my email.

    Best Regards
    Thandar Soe

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