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MasterCard PayPass Rewards You When You Tap Away this GSS


M1 Prepaid MasterCard - PayPass Tap & Go Payment
M1 Prepaid MasterCard Offers PayPass Tap Go Payment

18 June 2012, Singapore – MasterCard lets you enjoy the convenience of TAP & GO payment by PayPass which is easy, fast and safe.  You don’t even have to sign and enter your pin for transactions less than S$100.

During the Great Singapore, the first 1,500 cardholders to accumulate five taps, regardless of amount paid, at any of the 20,000 acceptance points each week will receive a S$10 voucher (CapitaVoucher, FairPrice or The Choice (Dairy Farm Group) Voucher).

PayPass is available at your fingertips

Cardholders can choose to tap and go using any of the following PayPass-enabled cards issued in Singapore:

  • POSB Everyday Card
  • CIMB World and Platinum MasterCard cards
  • EZ Link FEVO Prepaid MasterCard cards
  • M1 Prepaid MasterCard

MasterCard PayPass is at least as secure as other MasterCard cards

  • Because your PayPass card never leaves your hand when you make a payment it means you are in absolute control.
  • With PayPass, there are no accidental payments – your card must be tapped against the reader at the checkout to work.
  • You also don’t need to worry about being billed twice. Even if you tap more than once at the checkout, you’ll only get billed once for the purchase.
  • MasterCard’s Zero Liability protection covers you from the costs of unauthorized transactions if you report the loss or theft of your card.

PayPass can be used at 20,000 acceptance points across Singapore

Watsons accepts MasterCard PayPass Touch & Go Payments
Watsons accepts MasterCard PayPass Tap Go Payments

Currently, PayPass can be used when you patronize the following merchants in Singapore:

  • Watsons
  • Shaw
  • Comfort and CityCab Taxis
  • G2000
  • Fox
  • Toys ‘R’ Us
We got to Tap & Go at Watsons yesterday night and it was pretty quick!

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