Infographic: LinkedIn Study On To Do Lists


21 June 2012, Singapore – LinkedIn revealed in a study of 6,500 professionals in more than 15 countries around the world including over 400 in Singapore, 50% of those write down their to-do lists while 45% create them electronically.  The study showed that 63% of all professionals frequently create to-do list.  71% of women keep to-do lists while only 60% of men do so.

In Singapore 47% of the 59% of those who frequently keep to-do list  write them down while the other 47% do it electronically.  The remaining six percent store the lists in other ways such as “In my mind only”, “piles of files” or whiteboards or chalkboards.

90% of Singaporean professionals are not able to accomplish all of the tasks they plan to complete in a given workday.  Causes cited for this is unplanned tasks which include unscheduled phone calls, emails and meetings.

50% of Singaporean professionals split their workday equally between planned and unplanned tasks, while 32% spend most of the day on planned tasks.


Completion of To-Do list varies by industry

  • Legal Professionals – Lowest completion rate – 66% accomplishing most or all their tasks
  • Consumer and Service Industry – Most productive – 79% and 77% respectively accomplishing most or all their tasks
  • Art Industry – Global average of 26% with 40% of them tend to be distracted easily


Infographic - LinkedIn to-do lists

LinkedIn shares some ‘to-dos’ to save time during your workday:

1. Make Meetings more efficient

Check out your meeting participants background from their LinkedIn Profiles so you know what to bring to the table.  Knowing your participants past experience and skill sets can be useful in solving problems and hence saving time at meetings.

2. Crowd Source your Challenge

LinkedIn Answers and LinkedInGroups tap into the LinkedIn network or the 161 million members.  Asking questions and starting discussions will let you find your solution in quick time.

3.  Get up to speed in an instant

Get your daily news fix from LinkedIn Today. You can customize it so that you get what’s relevant to you and your clients.  This can be accessed on your desk, iPad or on the go on LinkedIn Mobile.



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