Mongoose Publishing Supports Olympic Team Malaysia with Tweets

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Mongoose Publishing - Staff Tweets To Support Team Malaysia in London Olympic Games 2012

2 August 2012, Kuala Lumpur – Mongoose Publishing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia gets behind Team Malaysia at the London Olympic Games 2012 by activating their team through twitter engagements.

The 30 Malaysian sportsmen and women in London have been voluntarily adopted by a member of the Mongoose team. Their progress is followed and in turn information such as when you can see them perform, their progress are shared. They also send direct messages of good luck and support to the athletes.

Mongoose Publishing manages the Twitter accounts of Esquire Malaysia (@Esquiremy), Expatriat Lifestyle (@ELMalaysia), Time Out Penang (@Timeoutpenang) and Time Out Kuala Lumpur (@TimeoutKL).

For this campaign, each of the Mongoose staff from editorial, sales, design, marketing, PR, digital and administration are managing the Twitterconversations as they get behind the Malaysian athletes.

You can follow the conversation on Twitter via the hashtag #OlympicMongoose.

Mongoose Publishing - Staff Tweets To Support Team Malaysia in London Olympic Games 2012


Chief Content Officer Matt Bellotti (@MCMattSally) explains “We are finding out more about events such as the Cycling Keirin, Laser Sailing or 10metre synchronized platform diving that we are not familiar with. We are also giving exposure to sportsmen and women that deserve recognition. Mongoose are proud to be offering our support for Team Malaysia in a way that no other company is.”

“The Olympic Games are the most inspiring global event on Earth. The Games are also the pinnacle of an individual’s career and even life. They work so hard to get there, they make so many sacrifices and often have to pay their own way with next to no public support. Yet in the whole world, these Malaysian stars are among the very best in their discipline. We are proud that they are representing Malaysia and the Mongoose team are only too keen to lend a Tweet to show our support.”

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