Animal Kaiser flagship store at [email protected]

E2Max @ Level 9 Orchard Cineleisure

2 September, 2010, Singapore – IAHGames, Games Credit Asia (GCA) and Cathay Organisation opens “AK [email protected]E2Max“, the first Animal Kaiser flagship store outside of Japan. AK [email protected]E2Max will be the only Animal Kaiser-themed club and largest Animal Kaiser venue in Singapore with 8 game machines.  AK [email protected]E2Max will have a dedicated area for game-play and tournaments as well as a place for card trading, socialising and building of a fan network.

8 Animal Kaiser game machines at the 1st Animal Kaiser Flagship store outside Japan at AK [email protected]

AK [email protected] offers a dedicated area for game-play and tournaments, & for card-trading, socialising and building of fan network.

Animal Kaiser Lounge Area

Operating hours are from 12pm to 3am on weekends, and 12pm to 12am on weekdays.

In September, regular tournaments will kick off which is co-organised by the local Animal Kaiser community.  Solo and Team categories tournaments will be held monthly, culminating in an annual grand tournament for Solo participants.   There is a leader board in the store which will rank the monthly tournament winners, counting towards seeding for the grand tournament.  Prizes for these tournaments will include exclusive tournament kits of special cards and box sets, which cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Animal Kaiser leaderboard

Animal Kaiser was first launched in Singapore in June 2009 and currently there are over 200 Animal Kaiser machines in Singapore.  I was fascinated to learn that Animal Kaiser has an educational element using real world animals to teach children about the animal kingdom in a fun and enjoyable way.  Every animal in the game is based on actual data and facts.  Furthermore, players scan their “animal” game-cards to play as their animal avatars in the machine.  Scanning “Strong” cards and “Miracle”cards enable them to boost their avatar’s abilities and endow them with special attacks.  Upon completion of each session, the machine dispenses a card.  The more you play, the more cards you get to collect.

Animal Game cards to be scanned as their animal avatars in the game

The back of the Animal Cards

I was told that the game is meant for people of all ages from as young as 3 to as old as 80.  Animal Kaiser is a game that involves parents and children as they pair of well together.  Some of the parents I met at the media event are also organizers of some of these tournaments.  They are all parents of children who play the game often and also participate in tournaments.   They were all very well versed with the game and show a lot of passion in bringing together families because of the educational and family bonding nature of the game.

I was give the chance to try my hand at the game, but being a terrible gamer, I decided to give it a miss and not embarrass myself.  I watched on as other more adventurous members of the media played the game.

For the more serious gamers, E2Max has also teamed up with IAHGames to extend a holistic experience for PC e-gaming with the opening of “IAHGames iCafe” outlet at [email protected]  Gamers enjoy special buffs or in-game bonuses when they play IAHGames‘ host of selected games at the iCafe.  They will also be eligible for Cathay’s promotional benefits.

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