Apple Watch Ultra Is Tough To Dive Into The Ocean

Apple have expanded their Apple Watch offering from Apple Watch to Apple Watch SE and now the new TOUGH explorer Apple Watch Ultra. Built on a titanium chassis, the Apple Watch Ultra is able to withstand extreme from -20°C to 55°C. It is also built for diving with up to 100 meters water resistance and it’s able to function as a dive computer with future updates via Oceanic+ app.

Apple Watch Ultra bands Singapore price
Apple Watch Ultra Trail Loop Alpine Loop and Ocean Band

It also comes with precision dual-frequency GPS for better accuracy when trekking in dense foliage which might block out satellites. Reducing the errors to help you stay on track. It’s also easy for you to drop new waypoint for quick direction bearing on the watch’s compass. The more info you have, the less likely you will get lost.

It also comes with a battery life for up to 36 hours for normal usage and it can go up to 60 hours on low power settings. All thought it’s not much, but that’s already way better than the current Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Ultra Design

That distinctive flat sapphire crystal watch face and enlarged Digital Crown will make Apple Watch Ultra stands out from the crowd. The watch face will also be bigger at 49mm compared to Apple Watch’s biggest 45mm. The Ultra will also have a new Action Button which you can customise to trigger a function to an app that you will find useful for your exploration.

Based on the type of adventure, Apple have created different straps specialised for your best comfort during your adventure. They have the Alpine Loop for hiking, Trail Loop for running and the Ocean Band for diving.

Apple Watch Series 8 & SE New Features

With the new Temperature Sensing feature on the Apple Watch Series 8, ladies can have more insights on their health with data and their ovulation cycle for family planning. More Fitness data like your stride distance, heart rate zones and swimming strokes can be track on the series 8 too.

Like the iPhone 14, now Apple Watch Series 8, SE and Ultra also have Crash Detection to trigger SOS when you are unconscious during an accident. The Apple Watch SE now comes in a faster processor too.

Price and Availability

The titanium Apple Watch Ultra starts from S$1,199 and will be available from 23 September 2022. The Apple Watch Series 8 and SE starts from S$599 and S$379 respectively and will be available from 16 September 2022.

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