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Blackberry Torch

Blackberry Torch

Ever since, I started using the Blackberry Torch, I have enjoyed the keyboard and touch screen features.  What a better way to tide me through the lunar new year with some of the applications for other Blackberry owners.

Here are some recommendations for Blackberry users.

Blackberry App - CHUN 2011 - Chinese New Year

l recently downloaded the latest free Blackberry theme CHUN – Chinese New Year Theme. This Chinese theme is cute and reminds me of the look and feel of Chinatowns in the US when I was studying there sometime back.  It brings back memories of the days where I missed the local food in Singapore and my family and friends who were too far away for comfort.    This theme constantly gives me the craving for egg flower soup and fortune cookies.  Wait a minute! Now I have craving for Sour and Spicy soup that is also usually served in Chinese restaurants in the Americas.

Blackberry App - Photo EditorI reckon that photo taking with family and friends during reunion dinner and house visits during the 15 days of the lunar new year will be inevitable.  The Photo Editor App which costs US$0.99 will come in handy.  It allows you to take the group shots and edit them on your Blackberry.  After which you can send them to those in the photos via email.

Blackberry App -Smiley Pack - Icons Fancy Characters and Smileys for BlackBerry MessengerAs in any festive celebration, we often receive and send messages of well wishes.  Chinese New Year will be not different.  Imaging creating your own Chinese New Year greetings with emoticons from Smiley Pack (US$0.99) and broadcasting it to all you friends via Blackberry Messenger, SMS or email.   Reciprocate to the many greetings that you would be receiving with just a Big Smiley 🙂 which is often the best way to end a conversation.

Blackberry App - Chinese ZodiacLet the Chinese Zodiac App (US$2.99) recommend lucky numbers and lucky colors for the new year.  This app is an entertaining way to kick start the new year, before getting ready to visit the relatives.

Blackberry App - Message PrevueFor the next few days of new year, other than the usual house-to-house visiting, there will also be the occasional mahjong sessions at home. Do not be bothered by the many steps to check incoming messages and emails. Downloaded Message Prevue (US$1.99) which will pops up a window everytime you receive an email or SMS.

Blackberry App - Mobile Checkbook

It is easy to lose track of your “income” or “loses” during Chinese New Year, be it the red packets you receive or distribute,  winning or the occasional lose at the card game or majong session. Keep track of your income and expenses during this period. With the help of Mobile Checkbook (US$4.99), you will be able to record all transactions as they happen. Reconcile your wallet on the go so that you do not overspend during the festive season.

Blackberry App - Mahjong SolitaireIf for some reason, luck does not seem to be on your side during the year of the Rabbit, cut your loses and play Mahjong Solitaire (US$2.99).  When your luck’s back, that’s when you can join 3 other family members or friends for a more enjoyable game.

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