Furby Invasion In Singapore On 16 September 2012

Furby wearing the funky glasses made by Hasbro
Furby wearing the funky glasses made by Hasbro

23 August 2012, Singapore – Furby, the ever so popular furry minions of the late 90s are making a comeback a decade later with many new upgrades, and even irresistibly more CUTE than before.

Furby is not just an ordinary plush toy. Speaks in FURBISH when fresh out of the box, Furby will slowly learn and interact in English, while evolving its character based on the way it is being treated by its owner. Under its thick and HUGGABLE soft fur, are touch sensors that allows Furbies to respond to a tickle or a pat on the head. To complete the Furby experience, download the Furby App to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, where Furby can be fed from a large selection of food items and understand FURBISH with the FURBISH-to-English Translator in the App.  When two or more Furbies are side by side, they will start to chat and interact with each other.


Furby Invading Singapore
Furby Invading Singapore


Furby will be available from 16 September 2012, in six vibrant colours at S$119.90 each. Pre-orders at Toy”R”Us outlets will begin from 30 August till 9 September 2012.  An exclusive Furby goodie bag will be given away for pre-orders & purchases made on 16 September 2012 at Toy”R”Us outlets only.

New Furby Colours

UDPATE: Four new colours were added November 2012: Plum, Aqua, Navy Blue and Pink at Toys “R” Us, major department stores and selected electronics stores.

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