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WANT: LG tiiun Indoor Gardening Appliance For My Home

LG Tiiun
LG Tiiun (LG Electronics Singapore photo)

LG Electronics has updated its concept of green living. LG tiiun will be unveiled at CES 2022. It is a modern freestanding indoor gardening appliance Tiiun means “to sprout” in Korean. Its name is apt for this appliance as it enables the most novice of gardeners to cultivate vegetables, herbs and even flowers in the comfort of home, all year round. And without having to worry about pests or unfavourable climate.

LG tiiun is designed as a completely self-contained unit. It features two shelves. Each can hold up to six all-in-one seed package with three different kinds of seed kits along with three different kinds of seed kits. Each seed package contains 10 holes for seed germination. Grow a variety of greens simultaneously in only four to eight weeks. That is faster and with less mess. Seed packages are sold separately and availability of seed options may differ by market.

This modern smart gardening system leverages LG’s technological expertise across multiple home appliance categories to deliver reliable results and an effortless, largely automated, plant cultivation process, employing various technologies from decades of expertise honed from developing advanced refrigerators, water purifiers and ventilation systems.

The Flexible Weather Control System utilises LG’s renowned Inverter Compressor to precisely adjust Tiiun’s internal temperature and light to mimic the natural cycle of the day. It delivers water eight times every 24 hours while its Auto Ebb & Watering System circulate the ideal amount of moisture to help transform the seeds into healthy greens and vibrant flowers.

The LG tiiun is designed to increase photosynthesis efficiency. The internal LED light source is amplified to speed up the growing process. Watch plants grow through the transparent door while still providing an airtight seal to maintain a consistent internal temperature and keep insects out. Monitor the entire germination process with the LG mobile ThinQ app. Check and change settings and receive notifications when the water tank needs refilling.

tilun is showcased in two sophisticated and soothing colours – Nature Beige and Nature Green. LG tiiun and LG tiiun mini will be on virtual display in LG’s digital exhibition booth during CES 2022 starting 5 January 2022. See LG tiiun and other innovative home appliances in LG Home.


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  2. Andy. Collins

    Hopefully I can buy one LG tilun indoor garden

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