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LG 55 inch OLED TV

LG 55 inch OLED TV

2 January 2012, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA – LG Electronics will unveil its revolutionary 55-inch class (54.6 inch diagonal) OLED HDTV at the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas.

This HDTV is designed to recreate reality with perfection, using the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display technology powered by LG’s TRIPLE XD Engine.

You get flawless, life-like images through picture quality that was technically impossible with previous LED/LCD display panels even in 2D.  OLED TV exhibits precise colour, absolute contrast and blazing clarity with a contrast ratio of over 100,000,000:1 which is fifty times greater than the LED/LCD display panels.   The OLED TV’s lightning speed of under 0.1 microseconds enables it to display rapid movements and motions in a crystal clear manner while virtually eliminating blur or bleeding.

What sets LG’s TV picture apart from other OLED TVs is 4-Color Pixels and Color Refiner which work together to generate natural and accurate colors that are sharp and consistent. The 4-Color Pixels feature allows for more accurate color depiction by using a set of four colors (red, green blue and white) in comparison to the RGB setup used by other OLED TV manufacturers. Color Refiner ensures consistency in colors from a wider viewing angle via an LG algorithm which improves and refines hues and tones. This is in contrast to other OLED TVs which often exhibit drastic changes in hues from different viewing angles and abnormal color gamut.

The OLED TV is sleek from its ultra-slim bezel from LG’s CINEMA SCREEN design, as it does not require a lamp or bulky support structures.   Measuring 4mm thin and weighing only 7.5kg, the OLED TV’s design creates minimal space between itself and the wall when mounted on a wall.


Designs, features and specifications are subject to change until the final product is available in the market.  Pricing is not available yet.



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