NFC Services Launched At M1 Shops

22 August 2012, Singapore – M1 launches two new Near Field Communications (NFC) services, M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard and EZ-link CEPAS at its shops today.

Make contactless payments islandwide at merchants that accept MasterCard’s Paypass or EZ-Link’s NFC-Payments with an NFC SIM and NFC-certified handset.

As a bonus, you will enjoy bonus airtime when you top up your M-Cards with the M1 NFC Prepaid MasterCard.

M1 has an NFC mobile phone application – M1 Mobile Wallet which lets you make contactless payments and obtain information on available NFC services, as well as manage your NFC account and settings, such as default cards, initiating payments, viewing transaction details and password amendments.

As a security measure, you’ll need to enter a wallet passcode before processing any manual payment transactions.

A range of NFC-certified handsets including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S Advance and the Sony Xperia S, will be available.


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