PayPal One Touch On A Redesigned Mobile App For Asia Pacific

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PayPay is launching a redesigned PayPal mobile app across 23 markets in Asia Pacific including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand with One Touch.

Asia Pacific accounts for 36.5% of B2C e-commerce sales, and is expected to reach 39.7% this year, according to Nearly 18 million consumers globally have opted in to PayPal One Touch and is expanding to a total of 143 markets. Forrester predicts the number of smartphone users to double in Asia Pacific from one billion in 2014 to two billion in 2019.

PayPal One Touch

One Touch is the first ever single touch payment experience across Android and iOS, where you no longer need to log in with a username and password to pay with PayPal and shop at millions of merchants globally. With a single touch online or tap on the mobile web, you can shop across platforms, devices and channels much faster and safer. PayPal also protects you with Buyer Protection, to safeguard online shoppers against any eligible unauthorised purchases made from their accounts.


PayPal Mobile App

PayPal Mobile App (PayPal photo)
PayPal Mobile App (PayPal photo)

The PayPal mobile app offers a simpler and more personal way to manage your funds on your PayPal account. On 18 February 2016, PayPal introduced a completely refreshed design on its iOS app. A new home screen was introduced providing faster access to your balance activity and key actions. Now you can send money in seconds with a personalised Send and Request Money page with built-in phone book access. You will also get notified whenever you send, spend or receive money with PayPal. You can now manage your payments from your PayPal Balance, PayPal Credit, preferred bank or card. You can also view up to three years of transaction history including how you funded your payments.

The PayPal mobile app is now available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia with more to follow.



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